Rio de Janeiro, May 2 Xinhua sports news , a survey in Brazil showed that the forthcoming opening of the Fifa Football World Cup in Brazil Brazilian businessmen did not let too excited, even with nearly a third of respondents believe that during the events of their merchant turnover will decline.

This from the " Service Credit Protection (#( SPC )#)" survey conducted by the Fifa World Cup organizing visited seven cities in 600 companies , covering hotels, shops, tourism , transportation and other industries and events related to the seven .

Fifa World Cup is seen as generally stimulate the economy, enhance revenue cornucopia , but in the end there were some unexpected findings ,  cheap FUTpoints  surveyed 600 Brazilian companies, only 16% believe they will be very productive during the World Cup , and 40% believe that business during the event amount will have a slight increase in turnover of 33% is considered to decline .

During the Fifa World Cup will be hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists come to Brazil, this will stimulate the country's hotel industry , however , according to the relevant government officials, Brazil held a total of 12 cities the average hotel occupancy rate has not increased significantly , but the Rio Recife and Fortaleza these coastal cities occupancy is better.feedlove88

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