I believe that Howard Gardner's theory of Learn Scrivener Fast multiple intelligences sheds light on the many ways in which a student can comprehend and draw success to their studies. It is imperative that teachers recognize individual learning styles and cater to them as much as possible to ensure optimal learning. Teachers should leverage these learning styles when planning classroom activities. And even more, teachers should accommodate different teaching methodologies to ensure a global approach to the classroom activities.


Adults who study foreign languages generally wish to develop their conversational skills. This is not always the case. Scrivener asserts that "The aim for the conversation class is for learners to 'become more fluent and confident.'" Teaching fluency over form is preferable because, in truth, learners can convey a message with improper grammar; if they are overly concerned with making grammatical mistakes, they may lack in confidence which in turn could prevent them from attempting to speak at all. Furthermore, having free flowing conversation (with minimal interruptions/corrections) allows the teacher to observe what kinds of mistakes each student makes and to judiciously choose critical teaching moments when immediate, spontaneous feedback would be appropriate.


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