Due to be able to la masia irregularities admissions, Barcelona will be unable to bid in 2015, the FIFA opened a really severe penalty. Last night attended the media conference, and Barcelona Chief executive Tomei said the red and glowing blue will temporarily crack with FIFA, until ban obsolete to bring back normal relations.

Regarding FIFA 16 Coins , the Tomei performed harsh criticism: "we gives the FIFA President sent a solid letter, because we think Barcelona are already unjust punishment, only the youngsters was eventually damage. It's not conclusion, because the Speaking spanish football league has directed at the FIFA taken contrary to the action. I think that whenever people talk concerning Barcelona events in the foreseeable future, will think we have been treated unfairly. A very important factor is sure, in FIFA's exchange ban went into effect now, we and the FIFA is not going to maintain normal associations. "

Next Friday, FIFA will offer golden ball merit ceremony held inside Zurich, Lionel Messi is probably the three final individuals. To protest contrary to the FIFA, Barcelona every one of the top will be absent from your ceremony, Messi's side will not have any club strongman's help. "I will not necessarily attend the fantastic ceremony next Friday, " the Tomei continuing, "under the influence with the FIFA ban, chairman, vice chairman and directors is not going to go to Zurich, We will choose somebody else to attend for the club from  cheapafcoin . 

Because the exchange ban, Barcelona and also FIFA now ripped face. For blatter, that is clearly an affront to be able to his authority, definitely the FIFA President probably will continue against to be able to Barcelona. The Tomei and also Barcelona chairman into the future, must be cautious atlanta divorce attorneys respect. Once Blatter understanding the handle, Barcelona are typical washed up

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