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ALL these new members (most likely same spammer) just joined at same time...All with same spam info.

Monroez jons, Johnny Stoner, Sally Weiskelr plus 1 more..BUMP!

Leah: For taking the time to post on scammers/spammers profiles.

As usual, when time allows, I report all of them.

G.P beautiful graphic  Thank you *smile*  I do what I can and when I came here  very early morning 1st thing I saw was all those new 'members' had joined at same time & a 'welcome them' each one had exactly same links for the spam..one even popped in on me on the chat with the <3 used to make heart on facebook, moments after I had posted the spam pix on the profile,lol...guess was persons way of saying HA HA ..oh well we do what we can,eh? :) xo

Leah: Always a pleasure!

Scammers/spammers enjoy hurting & upsetting others.

They do not get to me, but they should not be able  to get away with this kind of harmful behaviour.

As you are well aware, most sites, forums & groups have membership control to avoid this problem. The scammers are more than aware that this is hardly the case here, so of course take advantage & inundate daily.

I will always try to warn & protect others because I know what a hurtful experience being hacked & stalked can be.


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