Tell you exactly how RuneScape Beta Programme is certainly going

HTML5 beta testing has fourteen days, so we'd like to speak about it now, and talk regarding our plan within the next few weeks. Even such an early check, testers reply can also be useful for all of us. More than 100000 times about the first day from the HTML5 client-side sign in. They have additionally submitted the a large number of error reports within rs 2007 gold , we have collected a lot of data about lag as well as frame rate. Accustomed to improve the stability and also the client's performance, it will likely be very valuable.

Using HTML5 as well as WebGL emerging technology to operate for us tend to be exciting, but also just a little nerve-racking! Was the very first browser game Runescape, it's size and intricacy, using this technologies, although we are happy with is a pioneer with this field, it also can make the development becomes a genuine challenge. We really appreciate your assistance to us.

At as soon as, we are centered on a fixed crash along with other serious problems with regard to RuneScape. We be prepared to see again after fourteen days, the most serious mistakes is going to be repaired, you might have a more stable client to try. Correction is frequently release, so should you open Beta, is worth you to focus on the Mod Chris' At the 's HTML5 Beta area in Beta suggestions and discussion BBS line.cheaprs166

we also have our own facebook  ,you will get more new information

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