When you experience those "chaotic-Código Celulitisstressful-heartbreaking-discombobulated" moments in life, you may find yourself mindlessly two-fisting junk food. And in the days following, it may be way too easy to "feel fat" or say, "Damn, I'm lookin' rough." However counterintuitive it may be, it's important to take the focus off your body, because it's really not about the extra pounds you may pack on; it's about your experience in life at any given moment. It's about you. YOU! Where are you in the midst of all this chaos and heartbreak? How are you doing?


If you're already feeling down because of your life circumstances, negative self-talk simply propels you deeper into the doldrums. Try these tips to navigate the stormy waters and bring your eating back to peaceful shores: Sometimes it can be apparent that a hard time is going to have its way with you and in your heart of hearts you know you're going to engage in some deeply gluttonous behavior; you're going to get down with the get down.


So, let go. As the notable psychologist, Carl Jung, coined, "What you resist persists." Let yourself be. Focus only on putting healthy, nutrient rich foods into your body, like leafy greens; getting a good night's sleep; getting hugs and kind words from loved ones; and reading inspiring books, for example. If you also happen to eat a dozen donuts... well then, damn it, you also happen to eat a dozen donuts! The world will not fly off its axis and your butt won't actually expand to the size of the moon. And your health will not immediately deteriorate.


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