According for the report from "Manchester Night time News", the average presence of Manchester United could be the highest among numerous teams. In the complete Europe, the common attendance of Manchester ranked third.

Through the first season together with Louis van Gaal inside Manchester United, Manchester United's average presence number is seventy-five, 335, which is less than Dortmund and also Barcelona. Last time of year, FIFA Ultimate Team Coins  Manchester United's maximum attendance reached seventy-five, 454 and the particular minimum is seventy-five, 112 people. The difference involving the two is not necessarily significant. And in the event the Old Trafford stadium may be expanded, the attendance could become higher.

Last substantial crack came nine years back. After the completion with the two quadrants with the end, the capacity with the Old Trafford provides reached 75, 000 folks. And United experienced some problems inside the expansion of south stand as a result of railway from the particular Manchester to Liverpool. And if another period of expansion can be carried out, the Old Trafford ability can reach 94, 000 folks.  chearsgold2

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