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A Hallow - ing of those who have recently left us

Halloween, or "All Hallows Eve" and All Saints Day on November 1 is really a time to remember those who have gone before us. Today I am thankful and pay homage for the lives of some beautiful people in the public eye who have left us this year:

I am Thankful to Sir Edmund Hillary, for his courage to climb Mt Everest and his humanitarian work with the Sherpas.

I am thankful to Heath Ledger, who left us just as he was starting flight, for Brokeback… Continue

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Hope it is ok to make my Blog political

I think that Barack Obama is the only Peace candidate. His position towards the war is the only exceptable one. I remember marching in protest to the Vietnam war, but am disappointed that young people haven't taken a more active role in this war in Iraq. From your Furry Freak Bro

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The Goddess Tree Grows *Blackthorn

From Roots to Leaves, Branches to Bark

The Goddess Tree Grows



The Mother of the Wood

Samhain, Hallowe'en, All Souls; October 31 / November 1

Fourth of the Witches' Cross-Quarter Sabbats

Planet: Mars, Saturn

Element: Earth, Fire

Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio

Symbolism: The inevitability of Death, Protection and Revenge, Strife and Negativity,… Continue

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Green Party Acts: candidates to watch on Election Day '08; etc..

Green Party Acts: candidates to watch on Election Day '08; etc..

Updates & Events: DC Statehood Green campaigns, Oct. 24

Updates & Events: DC Statehood Green campaigns



(Please forward to friends, neighbors, & other potential supporters!)

==> DON'T MISS <==

• Forum for At-Large Council candidates, Oct. 29, sponsored by Empower DC and other groups

• Statehood Green… Continue

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A REGRA DE OURO ( Somos todos Um)


Se seus olhos estiverem voltados para a justiça, escolha para seu semelhante aquilo que escolheria para si mesmo.


Trate todas as criaturas assim como gostaria de ser tratado.


O que não desejar que façam a você, não faça aos outros.


Aquilo que deseja que os outros façam a você, faça também aos outros – eis a síntese da lei (de Deus)… Continue

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Anatomia da rosa

Ninguém nunca se esquece da maior, rosa da rosa

Todavia permanece a cegueira hereditária.

Ainda há muita ferida de profundidade cálida

Que, por não ser de repente, vista é como irrisória.


Pensem nas crianças que morrem antes dos cinco anos por fome no vale do Jequitinhonha

(mudas telepáticas)

Pensem nas meninas vendidas no Iraque todos os dias

(cegas inexatas)

Pensem nas mulheres prostituídas em Cuba

(rotas… Continue

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Don't Laugh: Can Saudi Arabia Become the "Mecca" of Green?

Even the title sounds a bit out there. What, the Middle East, the world’s largest producer of oil, becoming a center for green technology, and renewable energy? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And yet, the sheer incongruity of it all may just be enough to make it work. In a world of increasing uncertainty, sometimes it is the unexpected that is to be expected.

Look at the world, and what do you see? A lot of good things, that’s for sure. Beauty surrounds us wherever we choose to look. But… Continue

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My Peace

It is your peace

their peace, my peace

it is a cry, a shout

it is a whisper,



it is hoarse, cracked

like a mirror

it is a voice, it

is conscience

it is tears cascading

it is blood rehearsing

it is the tainted sword

maurauding, but

it is my peace

your peace our peace

it is bomb blasts taking

place again and again,

today eighteen in my country

it is the dove… Continue

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One of my Favorite Quotes

"Holding on to anger is like holding on to a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

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Social Networking Buffoonery

So, you've had an epiphany or ten? Perhaps you sat with your yogi, your bible, your guru, your koran, your starseed, your torah, your zohar or chose to see a sign of some kind?

It doesn't matter how, but somehow you've figured out that you're part of the one. You may not even say it so profoundly yet but it matters not, because you're beginning to recognize that people are part of you, that they're the same as you, that they are your equals - and that the word "they" (referring to… Continue

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Human Rights Violations Causes Boy to Commit Suicide in Tibet Thursday, 30 October 2008, 6:14 p.m. Dharamshala: A reliable source told the Tibetan Solidarity Committee that a Tibetan boy from Yulung…

Human Rights Violations Causes Boy to Commit Suicide in Tibet

Thursday, 30 October 2008, 6:14 p.m.

Dharamshala: A reliable source told the Tibetan Solidarity Committee that a Tibetan boy from Yulung town in Chentsa in Amdo, Tibet, left a note before killing himself to show to the world community that Tibetans are deprived of freedom and basic human rights.

Lhundrub, aged 17, studying in the intermediate school in Chentsa district committed suicide by jumping from the… Continue

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It will be a sincere Talk???

Tibetan Envoys Leave for China

Phayul[Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:20]

New Delhi October 30 - The envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kasur Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari and Kelsang Gyaltsen, left for the 8th round of talks with the representatives of the Chinese leadership. The delegation headed by Gyari also include three senior assistants.

A press release issued today did not give any details about the visit to Beijing. It said the Envoys will be in Beijing as a follow-up to… Continue

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Two creative responses to violent conflict – a drama and a novel

Two teenagers die.

Two families suffer.

What happens when two mothers refuse to be enemies?

Hear these messages of hope from two Jewish writers.

Dove by Sheila Yeger, professional playwright with more than 30 productions to her credit. You can listen to Dove by going to http://listeningindialogue.wordpress.com/dove-by-sheila-yeger/

Checkpoint by Lisa Saffron, facilitator of compassionate listening dialogue groups. More about the novel at… Continue

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means be happy becouse you are the one

whem you can see at all motivation to feel good

in peace of your mind and soul

make your belive your bred for your days

keep your soul in your child insid of you

with criativity and harmony

your heart and your clever

insid of a dream who gide you

take a looke in the lights of sunrise

you can see how many gifts the nature are give to you

all… Continue

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[StopTheDraft] Digest Number 1203

[StopTheDraft] Digest Number 1203

There are 9 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

1a. "vote-flipping" strategies

From: Adrien Burke

1b. Re: "vote-flipping" strategies

From: bob

1c. Re: "vote-flipping" strategies

From: bob

1d. Re: "vote-flipping" strategies

From: Adrien Burke

1e. Re: "vote-flipping" strategies

From: bob

2. Palin is the choice that they gave me

From: maryzinkartist@aol.com

3.… Continue

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ביצוע: בועז שרעבי מילים: שמרית אור לחן: נורית הירש שם בבית הקטן שושנים פורחות בגן ובשובך הלבן - היונה. ואני חולם עכשיו על כנפים של זהב, איך בשמיים אני עף ורק אלייך שב. תני לי יד, מחבקת וטובה, תני ל…

ביצוע: בועז שרעבי

מילים: שמרית אור

לחן: נורית הירש

שם בבית הקטן

שושנים פורחות בגן

ובשובך הלבן -


ואני חולם עכשיו

על כנפים של זהב,

איך בשמיים אני עף

ורק אלייך שב.

תני לי יד,

מחבקת וטובה,

תני לי יד

מחזקת ושלוה,

תני לי יד

וחכי לי אהובה,

כשאני כאן לבד -

תני לי יד.

שם בצל אלון כבד

חי לו זכרון אובד

ואתי הוא כל העת

כמו תמונה -

ואני… Continue

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Looking Good for Peace

My brothers and sisters,

It is now a time for change, as it is looking as though Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. The polls show that it is a 49.9 to 43.9% lead over John McCain, who intends to keep U.S. troops in Iraq, to continue fighting and to continue exacerbating the hate for the United States that is already felt throughout the world thanks to President George Bush. The war is expensive: our economy right now has been the worst since it has been since… Continue

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Your suggestions

Dear friends,

Christmas is coming soon and at first I would like you all to invite me at my group "Peace for Christmas".
It's against poverty in this world and I need your suggestions which people we can help the most for Christmas this year..

Let's make Christmas 2008 a Christmas which will never be forgotten!

Take care and peace from Holland,

Hans Mertens

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Some common Ojibwa words that I would like to share

Boozhoo=Formal hello like Hello

Aanii=Informal hello like Hi!..

Miigwech or Miigwetch or Miigech=Thank you


Eyaa=Yes or enh


my name is.................nindizhinikaaz



okay.............................aa… Continue

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Healing Ceremonies

Healing Ceremonies

The number of Native American healing ceremonies vary among tribes.Some may prefer burning cedar for smudging basically applying sacred smoke for purification others may use White sage or mullein,pine sweet grass or other herb or plant.The Elder will use sacred objects that are not to be touched by others as they have been purified in (often arduous) ceremony. They may include, but not be limited to: Sacred Pipe (Chanunpa),… Continue

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