Talk about in how to be unstoppable priming of brain to affect our subconscious mind placing images which can trigger a sport grade evil Lucien on Planet us right now ICS time of the grand a week eighty this is the time where we free ourselves from wall man me delusions because there is only universe or more we are all subject to universal law there is a divine intelligence permeating everything can existence and once we canalling ourselves so that frequency we become unstoppable we become invincible we become magnificent just like being in front of the Sun their of frequencies everywhere around us Nicola teals said if you wannaunderstand the universe think in terms of any cheap frequency and vibration and Diabacore  becoming aware of that infrequencies which many of these radios are producing televisions are producing computers are producing then we run back into nature we start swimming around the ocean you know that feeling where just dive in and you are greeted by the swarm so watt up in massages every single cell within your body for me to love this deep house applies the plan your clam we have to ask ourselves what is our mission what is are defined purpose why did we come to Planet Earth and for me along my journey I realized that I came here for expansion to continually grow Andy Scott Bauer the deep realms of my infinite consciousness which we are all part of the Swan float I love how the native Americans talk of how we are part of the web of life but we did not we need the web of life so we have to realize our place in.

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