How to get bigger eyelashes naturally without makeup

Want to have longer eyelashes? Uh! Who doesn’t?

Thick, long lashes give a stunning look to your eye and make them look large. Long lashes can alone make you look beautiful as it’s I said that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Without wearing the makeup you can have stunning eyes.

Good news now you don’t have to spend money on false eyelashes, mascara.  Here you will learn how to get bigger lashes naturally.

Remove Your Mascara

Using mascara on regular basis will give you thick and long lashes.

  1. Take off mascara at night to have healthiest eyelashes.
  2. Don’t tug or rub mascara remove it with the help of soft cotton pads and makeup remover.

Condition Your Eyelashes Regularly

Just your hair needs condition same way your lashes need to be conditioned.

Here you have some simple ways to condition it to have beautiful eyelashes:

  1. Apply petroleum jelly to your eyelashes: Use fingertip to swipe thin line of Vaseline along your eyelashes at the lash line. You can even use the clean mascara wand to apply Vaseline and brush it directly.
  2. Add more vitamin H to your diet: Have proper diet by eating things like bananas, almonds, mushrooms, and whole grains. Vitamins D and E are too beneficial for your hair growth.
  3. Apply small amount of oil on your eyelids at night: Use olive oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E oil to your lash line. Use cotton ball to make your eyelids soft and flexible.

Make Your Eyes Look More Noticeable

How to make your eye look more attractive? Here you got few simple tips to enhance your lashes:

  1. Have mascara with super-thin wand: A thin wand will make it easier to wear mascara close to your eyelid which will make it look like you are wearing eyeliner.
  2. Use an eyelash comb: Eyelash comb will give you the look of longer lashes by separating smaller, thinner ones which stick together.
  3. Use an eyelash curler: Curler will give stunning curls to your lashes which will make them look thick and long. Don’t use heated eyelash curler a sit will result in eyelash fall.

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