How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Crashes

Are you regularly seeing “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed” message on your computer screen. Occasional crash is bearable but regular crashes are something not to be excused. “Aw, Snap!”Or “He’s Dead, xyz!”

When Google Chrome crashes it push you in great danger because we mainly use chrome for surfing web.

No need to worry here you will know how to troubleshoot google chrome crashes

1. Corrupt Chrome Profiles:

Chrome gives you the keep specific settings like themes and bookmarks separate for every chrome users.

But sometime Chrome profiles get in problem that corrupts them. To work as per the issue you need to rename Windows folder which contain the profiles so that the browser can create the new profile automatically.

Hit on Start and enter this:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\

Inside this folder you will get a folder named Default.

Rename it to Backup and then cut the folder to paste it in the  parent folder.

In a simple word you need to move Backup Default to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome.  

This will make your browser feel stable.

2. Conflict

Only humans don’t conflicts there are few other modules that can make your browser conflict. Luckily you can find them by typing the following in your Chrome bar:


You will find suspicious modules displaying a warning message in red:

This module is known to conflict with Google Chrome

If you find this immediately download the malware cleaner.

3. Scan for Malware

Malware or nasty virus are performing inane things on your browser like crashing it, redirecting your browser’s home pages, installing any other browser bars can slow down your PC.  Use Anti-spyware program will find and remove all Potentially Unwanted Software (PuPs), Trojans or other malicious registry keys.

4: Pay attention on browser extensions

Make sure you don’t have any obscure extensions damaging your browser.

The best way to check this issue is to open a new Incognito Window by clicking Ctrl + Shift + n

This private window deletes all cookies and refuses to save your browsing history.  It also disables all extensions so if you find that your Chrome is happy in this incognito mode then you might have an extensions which is crashing your browser.

Type to open the extension list


Now disable and trashing the unwanted extensions.

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