Learn How To Fix Quickbooks Error -6000, -816

Every program or database shows some error when you try to restore QuickBooks backup files then you find this error:

(-6000,-816): QuickBooks was unable to open the company file because the file is in use. Another person may be in the process of opening the company file.

Why this error occurs:

  • The file might be in use by another program or service.
  • QuickBooks is conflicting with other program
  • File is damaged and won’t open
  • While running any third-party app which got the ability to back up the files when they are open. If this type of software is installed in your system then straight way you must uninstalled it.

How to fix this error:

Here you have the perfect solution for this problem.

First solution to resolve the issue:

Solution 1: Restart the computer or QuickBooks Database Manager service.

If this error happen in standalone machine and files are inaccessible over the network connection then reboot your computer. Restarting your computer is not the option if your computer that hosts company file server is inaccessible.

To restart QuickBooks Database Manager service:

  1. Those who use the QuickBooks on network close any open company files and exit the QuickBooks.
  2. Now launch the Services Control Panel
    1. Windows XP:
      1. Move to Start>Run and type services.msc.
      2.  Hit on Ok
      3. You will find the Services Control Panel
    2. Windows 8, 7, or Vista:
      1. Hold down Windows key and hit letter R.
      2. Run dialog box will open.
      3. Now type services.msc.
      4. Click on Okay
      5. You will find the Services Control Panel
  3. In Services Control Panel, find QuickBooksDBXX (XX is for the year of QuickBooks).
  4. Right Click on QuickBooksDBXX and then select to restart. (If you fail to reboot the process choose Stop and then choose Start).

Hope this step help you to fix the issue and if not then don’t worry you got the third party repair tool. QuickBooks Repair Tool is the best solution to fix any sort corruption, damaged or inaccessible issue in QuickBooks database.

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