First time i tried login at 9:00 english time. After that i tried login in webb app, but i got only this message. After few hours i tried connect but again was the same. So i opened origin, login and check fifa 14 ultimate team in pc and it worked. I dont know why fifa 15 on ps4 dont work and webb app dont work

The web app does not work because it's connecting to your PC account and since you have not played that version this year it will not work. The only ways to get on your PS account is to remove your PC account or buy 15 on PC, which are both pointless if it's not working on console.

Contact live chat and get them to look into it for you.

If he uses his login details for the PS4 on the web app, then is should work.

It sounds like he's having the same problem as me:

i had that issue last time it happened i tried to log into UT the first day the game came out and got completely locked out missed 2 months of UT when i eventually got back on the good start i made on the web app was worthless. I got compensation of 8 untradeable packs they were premium player packs and all rare gold packs . It was good i got compensation but it didn't make up for the trading time i missed out on.

I had the problem for over a month the first time amd over a month and counting this time. I have asked EA to take in insult of untradeable packs off my account as I don't accept them as adequate value for taking me out the game for a month

the worst thing is i added fifa points at the start of the game for the first time ever (only ever add around TOTY/TOTS usually) decided i'd buy some cheap Fifa 16 coins on the web app got some good pulls to add to the decent start i'd already made made a good team went into the game to try to play my first match but i couldn't because of the message went back to web app that didn't work either

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