treatments and I mean and I have long hair so they babe really do my surprise lock and of a split and all the breakage of Finance and you're stealing and protect it my favorite 1s mouse the vast I and I again I can only use just teeny tiny bit addresses by rose I'm deep shine oil and this is actually a huge package this will last me for the rest of my life I mean I haven't even like me to deny it you know I don’t and that on again Dermolyte Skin Brightening Complex  when hair is damp just at peace I see I feel longer given shorter here just a little tap and he's spreading your hands warm it up and then just kind of distributed through and really like work it through the and this and style as usual or you know whatever go to bed with wet hair I don't know why I love is by evade upend this is the elements brand again this is a huge file I don't even know if you can see I have barely used cannot little minuscule amount this you just don't need that much I'm if you are for fine hair now if you have sticker coarse hair curly hair I'll campus videos HTSrunning of Rio but you can definitely use more of those products so I do love those expressed in the wintertime you know my.

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