The English author and philosopher Aldous Huxley said at the end of his life: It is a bit embarrassing to have dedicated your whole life to the human dilemma just to realise at the end that you don´t have anything else to offer in advise except: "try to be a bit kinder/ nicer”.

- So simple – and so difficult – it is!

* Kindness and gentleness must be the best and greatest thing that we can offer the world around us!
So folks! Let us keep being kind/ nice!
4Peace! and 14ALL41

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So true ! If we all try to be a little bit more kinder and nicer to each other this world would be a vastly different place. These were the values our forefather's held close to their minds and practiced beautifully. Sadly generation after generation we are moving away from these values as days go by.
Well said Esperanza, keep up the great thoughts and acts of kindness.

Take care,

Life Coach


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