Poetry for Peace...welcoming the poets and prophets and those who write the wrongs.

I wish you the peace
of a tranquil river
meandering ever to the sea.....

Picking up waves of the full moon
Sand dune shadows swelling into power
Fulfilling it's hour as it smashes against the cliffs
And fades into the Mediterranean skies.

There are no goodbyes.

Clouds form
Bringing wealth to the Dutchmen in the African interior
Sail the trade pain carrier cargo along the Ivory coast
The voices of the ghost ships crying
Picking up speed with the lying voices of the past
Hurricane blast through the slavelands of the American south
Cry out with one mouth and bleed
Through the veins of a willing heart
When we depart
We'll take the Goldrush river
And find peace in forever.

I wish you the peace
of a tranquil river
meandering ever to the sea.....

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Wake up and rub the perkedet from your mind’
Hear the bells that toll for all humankind
Frere Jacque's Mourning bells are ringing
And no angels are singing
The arrival of a saviour
Consequence of our own behavior
Global warning
St. Johns bells are mourning
Do we still need baptism by fire?
There’s got to be a higher
Than sitting around while the sky is falling
Waiting for 2012 to come
Bring ‘er down.
The Howdy Doody clown
Ran amuck,
Still the citizens stuck
Him in for another round again
And the world groaned in unison
Fool making
God forsaking
Rats and men
Looks like they’ll do it again
Same old story
Oil is the quarry
For the great white hunter now
It’s the political dance
Where peace has no chance.
Don’t want to risk a change
And can’t re-arrange
Old world thinking
Deer in the headlights, eyes blinking
Caught unaware
New choices on the offer
But they’ll emptied the coffer
On the way out
Hear the poor corpirates shout
Drowning out the voice of reason
Calling for an open season
And Annie Oakly’s got her gun
Picking off ideals hard won
100 years of woman’s rights
And all the anti gay fights
Are doomed to defeat
There is no more easy street
Fundamentalist rule
In the mass consciousness pool
Where sharks smell the blood of the lamb
Grand slam
Crash the market,
There’s a new war so get
Take aim.
Who’s to blame?
Go back a few pages
Our ancestors sold out for factory wages
Or a few bags of meal wormed flour and a hoe
Just goes to show
How low we’d go
To feed our kids
Sold out to the highest bids.
And we’ve not evolved from there.
Does anybody care?
Choices of fear or freedom
Don’t let the corpirates bleed em
Look what’s in store.
Bloods and Crips at least are tribal
Like every church has it’s bible
Holier than thou
Can’s and cant's
Still won’t give peace a chance
Brothers in arms
We sold out the farms
To Monsanto’s greed
And we can’t feed
Even ourselves
Empty shelves
Line the market
Might as well park it
Can’t afford to drive
Even if we do survive
The next hurricane
Able or Cain
Who’s going down
In your home town?
Acts of diplomatic wonder boys
Trading Chinese christmas toys
Toxing up the dollar store near you
With it’s sweat shop abundance
Where peace has no chance.
Nothings new,
Different name
Here North of the border it’s just the same
Land rights
Title fights
Turn out the lights
When your race is over
Call them over, Red rover
Five party policy
Still makes the same dynamics of the land of the free
Got educated about right wing economics
From the Sunday morning comics
And we don’t know what to think anymore
Who’s been keeping score
For the past 2 thousand years
All our hopes and fears
Are pinned to the coat tails of the Lords in waiting
Can’t hear a quiet voice of logic spoken
we pay our token
and turn on CNN for our news
US world views
for our mini me
leadership party.
Ignore the environment
we’re all hell bent
for prosperity
it’s a pity
about the inuit.
Where is the balance
That can give peace a chance?
The world waits for new leaders
While the bottom feeders
Lick up the spoils of war
We all want more
Of what’s carried on the backs
Of the tax
Stock players.
Look up and pay attention
Did I mention the choice we share
Do we dare?
China dolls perched precariously on the edge
Of reason
And it’s still open season
on the Buddhist
Who still insist
We can give peace a chance.
Last dance
Of the sons and daughters
War machine fodders
Taking aims for the elite
Wall street
Ticker tape
Earth rape
No escape
From the fall out
And all who shout out
Are silenced once more
Bill C 54 says what’s in store
And the poets won’t write anymore
Cultural revolution
Is not the solution
Ask Russia or China where the forbidden
Didn’t stay hidden
For long
And a rock and roll song
Sung in resistance
Takes decades of persistence
But keeps on playin’
All we are sayin’

Is give peace a chance.
Krow said:
Really beautiful. Thank you for posting it, and remembering to cite the author. I

I have just joined the ipeace network and would like to contribute some poetry .... but not sure where to post under this section or in the main forum site ?? Many thanks for your advice! J
You are welcome to post here, but I doubt it gets much reading. I would though. grins.
Abraham’s mad ravings
shape a world of war,
brother battles brother
while women keep score.
Genetic mutations
of power and greed,
line pockets of prophets,
who’s will be decreed.
The earth’s precious children
lay waste in thy name...
Business as usual
proceeds just the same.
And they came and bore witness for a thousand and one
Turns of the blue planet with it’s yellow sun.
They watched as the tribes all continued to grow
In wisdom and knowledge and how they did show
Their concepts of self and how to relate
To each other and life and how not to hate.

These ways became customs and tribal beliefs
That led to their cultures, their songs, their motifs.
And spread out through time, they watched them evolve
As they struggled with knowledge and how to resolve
The conflicts and passions that flared and caused shift,
In the ways of the tribes, was a curse, was a gift.

It led to diversity ,a difference in ways
That created new tribes in the following days
Some went to the water and some to the hills
New forms were taken according to wills.
A division of language, a distinction in place
Within this whole wheel, within this whole space.

So they watched and they wondered how far it could go
As each group found its niche, it’s place in the show.
And a thousand and one more cycles has passed
As they watched and they waited to see who would last
And each tribe grew forward according to kind
Individual wisdom creating group mind.

Realities were made that flourished or failed
Teachers came by and were burned or were nailed.
As each separate tribe tried to find which one was best
To look after this planet, to take care of the rest.

So they watched and they listened to one and to all
They listened to prayers, to songs, to the call
Of those that felt lonely afraid or unwell.
Heard many complaints and many did tell
Of one particular tribe who seemed to not care
About the fates of the others, or the land, or the air.

How they spread through the planet, turned forest to dust
Made holes in the veils and holes in the crust
Till the surface was covered in their filth and their pain
And the water was poisoned, even the rain.

Still they watched and they waited till they knew for sure
Which tribes were best suited to help and to cure
Which tribes learned to honour, which tribes grew to know
How to enhance the planet, to include and to grow
In love and in beauty, in wisdom and grace
Which tribes would restore the health to the place.

For a thousand and one years, which tribes would be best?
To further the planet, to assist the rest
Of the tribes that played happily as they evolved.
Which tribes added conflict, which ones resolved?
And at the end of the next thousand and one
Turns of that planet and it’s yellow sun
They offered the leadership of planet Earth
To those tribes that best developed their worth.

One tribe was removed and sent far away
To a more patient star, and a planet whose way
Was a little less fragile, less gentle, but strong
So they could keep on evolving and yet still belong.
And the gentle blue planet was then assigned
Was put into the care of the two very best kind.

Thay promised to care for the land and the sea
Each promised to love it and help all who lived there
To feel nourished and cared for as they became aware
To give guidance and wisdom, by example be shown
The love and the kindness by which they were known.

So all the great oceans were then governed by whales,
Who’s great compassion never fails
To hold sacred the waters for all to exist
Be they corals or turtles or all the great fish.

And to the tribe of elephants was given the land
For they had the wisdom to know and understand
That all could co-exist in ways that were sure.
With no hesitation, they knew what was pure.

So the planet evolved with love and respect
And the creatures prayed for those they had to reject.
And they wished them well in their new planet place.
And hoped that they learned about love, and with grace,
They bid them farewell and then let them go
Honoring what they'd learned ,they went onward to grow
And in paradise lived together in peace
And for a thousand and one years, at least.


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