Please use this discussion to suggest new topics for the group, we will appreciate if you also suggest someone who is capable and is willing to lead the discussion

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I am a baha'i from Nice (FRANCE). The BAHA'I WORLD CENTRE is in Haifa (Mount Carmel),in ISRAEL. Since more than 36 years,I am studying the Baha'i Writings that I discoverd in Asmara(ERITREA),in april 1972 and I can say that most of the questions you ask,you have amswers in the Writings of the Baha'i Faith. I was twice in Haifa,in the past and now,I want to come again. With all my baha'i love. Jean VIORA-PERRIN (italian-french).

PS:excuse-me for my bad english!...(
I have nothing to add;perhaps,I mistake with my ordinateur! I'm not good in "informatique"!..JV.
1. ROR: Myths and Realities...

2. How to change ethnic democracy in Israel ?

3. Is "Peace Now" a pacifist movement ?

4. Is civil disobedience can be a way for light protest against military solutions both in Israel and Palestinian Occupied Territories ?
and also:

5. What's wrong with "activist tourism" in Palestinian Occupied Territories ?
My suggested topic:

The principle of return (including both the "right of return" and the "law of return").

What do we understand to be its status in international (human rights, humanitarian, and refugee) law?

Aside from its legal status, what do we think of it as a moral proposition?

Is it a universal principle? How, if at all, is it specific to Israel/Palestine?
Dear roni and all
I see my suggestion to stop proposing additional topics was not accepted, as additional topics are being suggested.

I therefore suggest that you - Roni - allow for several discussions to go on simultanuously in seperate discussion rooms, so to speak. I see no reason why not to allow for this, and at least several reasons to allow. One such reason is that the inter-relationships bettween the topics can be served when a contributor to one discussion makes reference to another, thus keeping the discussions inter-connected and yet still separate. this can even be inspiring.

Best Chen.
I agree.. =PmR

We had no time to discuss it, no need to rush in this group, but I still prefer one discussion at a time, it will let me and pother focus
i agree with you, it's better to prepare very carefully the next topic and improve your way BEFORE ou launch an other discussion
Sorry: I was unaware of rushing. Also, I wonder: how can a discussion be prepared other than through.... discussion?
Dear roni and all,
I know not what to make of your silence.
I quit
Who will do the preparation and how?



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