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I agree, but we have Ipeace format limitation
I also think a way to improve is to have an active moderator/leader who really controls the discussion, lead it forward, summarize form time to time and make sure the specific important issues are discussed, we should improve here.
try synchronous discussion...
plz explain
you define a date and an hour... people who want to join the discussion are connecting in the same time. For this, you need a strong moderator :). Remember I told you that i could give you from time to time a space in my elearning environment for your discussions...
Such format is not possible for most of the people including myself, I have time in between but cannot put so many people together to discuss at the same time
Dear Roni, up to you :) It was just a suggestion. If you don't try, you can't know if it will work or not... But i'm sure that asynchronous discussions are a bad way...


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