.....true, deep compassionate non-judgmental intimacy is really at a premium theses days.

And, if not at all ideal, it is totally understandable.

Why? Because the cells and atoms of our bodies contain the recorded history of everything that has come before now...All of the horrors and abuses, the ego shattering rejections and abandonments...the repetitive failures of the flowering of love to fully blossom.

So, we must become one another's healers if we are going to have true and deep intimacy.....and as a result of that shared love...Peace.

So now we must go beyond notions of 'romantic' love to heart and soul love...The love of our brothers and our sisters and the love of life itself.

And it's really natural for us to be healers.

All of us....We all have energy...Now, just to refine our ability to share that energy....

With deepest respect and awe for the miracle that we ALL are!

Namaste Beautiful Ones,



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What would you like to know in answer to that question...?

It's pretty broad, ...you know?

There are two mp 3's on my website www.TantricHealingTouch.com listed on the home page under radio shows that goes into lots more detail.

And I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have Ray

Ah yes
if people would devote themselves to love in any of its forms the world would be such marvellous place to live in...
in reply to: How?

all of our great teachers have answered this question...

and it always the same...

yet it appears to be the last place we seek...

after every other option has failed... we look inside...

there are two basic motivations... love and fear...

and of those two... only one is real...

no less than the light of the sun is everywhere... so is Love...

listen to your inner source of love... and blindness fades...

faith is our bridge in moments when the shadows of fear shade the light of love...

the ego grows in response to fear...

who you are grows in response to love...

you are not your ego, and our "left brain" is addicted to that conclusion...

our "right brain" sees us all as one... in the moment of now... with nothing to gain... we win when we share...

each one has the choice.... and only each one can make the choice...

to be or not to be... one... now...



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