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US Iraq war resister Patrick Hart and family told to leave Canada

War resister Matt Lowell to get decision Thursday

Wednesday, October 8th U.S. Iraq war resister
Patrick Hart, his wife Jill and
son Rian were told that they will be subject to deportation back to
the United States if they do not leave the country by October

War resister Matt Lowell, of London, Ontario, will get his decision on
Thursday, October 9.

Former Sergeant Patrick Hart is a nine year veteran of the US
military. Before Patrick's second deployment to the Middle East, where
he was to serve in Iraq, he made the decision that he could no longer
take part in an illegal and unwarranted military occupation. He and
his family moved to Toronto in 2005 and are now settled and active
members of their community.

Matt Lowell came to Canada in 2005 after leaving the US Army, where he
was subjected to maltreatment by other soldiers due to his opposition
to the Iraq War. He was also told that he would be severely punished
for an earlier AWOL, from which he returned voluntarily after being
assured he would be discharged. Matt has a job in computer support,
and has put down roots in Canada.

War resisters Corey Glass and Jeremy Hinzman received negative
decisions earlier this year and were both ordered to leave Canada.
However the Federal Court stayed their removal orders pending
decisions on whether or not the Court will hear appeals in their
cases. Corey has been granted leave to appeal on November 21st. Jeremy
will know soon whether his appeal will be heard.

These court rulings, and the motion passed by the House of Commons in
June calling for an end to deportations of U.S. Iraq war resisters,
clearly show there is majority support to let resisters stay. We need
to continue to press the Harper government to implement the June 3rd
motion in the House of Commons, to stop the deportations and let all
US Iraq war resisters stay in Canada.

Thank you for bringing this information to light.I live in the US and we don't get a lot of press on this. HM. I wonder why.
not sure how the obama admin will view the war resisters
these folks have put themselves in the media fire- i feel many would return to the military but needed to out the iraq stuff

so far no one deported-but a few getting close
one is serving 3 years in detention-corey

they brought out a lot of hidden stuff
broken contracts-stop loss-
many personnel going awol and hiding
a lot of folks on prozac etc now to maintain and it affects their performance and judgement

the military is not in good shape

Thank you for sharing these informations and brigning it to people's mind. Times have changed since the days of the Viet Nam war when draft dodgers where welcome and even honored in Canada.

Politics, domestic as well as international, also have changed. Canada just like the USA never had any serious war on their territory, apart from the genocide of over 90% of its Native populations. We have been used to see the USA start and take part in many wars world wide (over 50 wars since second world war), but Canada?!? Who would have thought just a decade ago that Peace abiding Canada would have taken part in a war of invasion and occupation of a faraway foreign country that posed no threat whatsoever, just like it's been doing since eight years in Afghanistan?

The problem is the leadership. Although the parlament voted against that war, although the present government has been minoritary, although most Canadians oppose that war, the canadian army is still out there shooting at villagers just because they wear a beard and a turban. Harper even suspended the parlament in october, a premiere in our history, to avoid his government from being overthrown and to rule this so-called democracy as a dictatorship. So allow me to doubt that any petitioshioning won't do much to change this government's decisions.

Harper has no interest in changing the situation since he is making his fortune with arms and petroleum. In fact, the Harper family financed the Canada-US war in 1812. That war for natural ressources, mainly for lumber, was called the war without a gun shot and was settled with money, $100 000 dollars against the coveted territory of Maine. Nevertheless it was a pretext to build fortresses and arm both sides of the border to profit the arms dealers. Since then, the US have known that they don't need to fight against Canada, it's easier to buy it and cheap, in order to own it.

The Harper government more than any other in our previous history is like a dog on leash eating from the hand of Washington. It will never try to bite back the hand that is feeding. So if the masters say you have to fight this war or to send us back the war resisters, the Harper government will just obey.

When the US Congress approved the offensive on Gaza, the Harper government followed. When the US refused to comply to the Kyoto agreement, Canada followed, just like the tail after the dog. Did you hear about that guy in Vancouver who was selling cannabis seeds in his shop on main street? Well the US required the extradition of this canadian citizen to be prosecuted in US court and Canada just executed the order. Same thing with the so-called terrorists with canadian citizenship who were given out to the US and are now in Guantanamo hoping in vain for a fair trial. So what should we expect from this government? My answer is not much more than more bullsh...t...

Needless to say that Harper is a member of the Bilderberg group. When he first went in 2002, the conservative party had only two deputies in parlament. Within a year the party was back into the race. Chrétien was kicked out during his mandate after he refused to join the war in Irak. Then the scandal of the sponsorships put down the liberals (as if the conservatives were clean!) and you know who then got in charge. So in 2006, Harper invited his Bilderberg club to meet in the national capital of Ottawa. I feel sorry for people who still believe in the illusion of that kind of leadership and don't see yet that politics are all staged up behind the scene. Five years ago I predicted that Ignatieff woud become prime minister, while he was still unknown to the public and the way things get going, I'm sure he won't make me lie. I'm not a political genious, just aware of what's going on and who is really ruling behind the curtain. To know the fate of a politician, just look at the private clubs he his part of.

If those guys are the ones who make Canada, then I don't want to be part of it. I'm just a human being, born with the Creator given right to sovereignty and self-determination. The artificial imposed entities called States are but mere illusions made true only by people's beliefs. I never voted because I never found a candidate who could represent me and speak on my behalf. As far as I'm concerned, we all live on Mother Earth and she has no other borders than the ones we believe in.

Canada, just like the rest of the Americas was stolen from Natives in exchange of bullets and bacteriological warfare. They are the first nations and yet are still not recognized as nations by this so-called civilized world. Understand your history in order to know our destiny. As long as we keep submitting to those crooks who impose their power by force as self-appointed rulers, we won't be free and we won't have Peace. After all who makes the wars if not the States governments?

The power is in our hands. We have to be the leaders if we want to make a change. If everybody would boycott the corporations destroying the Earth, stop paying taxes, carrying ID cards and even burn their money, the world would change very fast and the empires would come to an end. But it doesn't seem like tomorrow will be the day. We are still controlled by the fear of the masters.

I know that Peace starts within, Love is the opposite of fear and overcomes all fears. But if we were to Love ourselves and our neighbours enough, we would not comply to the war mongers and their political agenda, nor to their unatural laws meant only to disempower us to empower them. There is no "us and them", we are all one on this spaceship called Mother Earth, but for those who lead the ship towards the crash, we are not worth much more than cattle. It's up to us to see differently.

Peace on Earth to all humans of good will.
My greetings and best wishes to you and to all who are fighting to allow these people to remain in Canada.
Of course, it would be even better if they were allowed to return to the USA and be exonerated for their principled decision not to participate in an unjust war / occupation. (It would be nice if they - and many others - would get it into their heads that almost ALL wars and absolutely ALL occupations are unjust.)
But the USA Gov't. is not very good on admitting that it was wrong.
And if you're hoping for big change from Obama, just remember that this is the man who spoke out against the Iraqi War in order to gain a Senate seat... when that war had ALREADY become impopular with the voters in his state. And that - once he had that Senate seat safely under his arse for 6 years - he voted for additional funding to CONTINUE that war, whenever Bush asked for it...
Don't hold your breath! (You need that oxygen to keep on struggling...)
they are beng returned to the states now in record numbers
it has been stepped up and the penalties harsher
Hi there is it not called the big country of democracy? shameful when their citizens have to leave the country and shameful when the country where they went is deporting them or declare them as unwanted persons.
The country with the double standards, thanks I would not want to live there, even a number of visits there made me appreciate the old Europe.
Amazingly they run around and try to dictate other countries what democracy is and introduce the achievements of the western world Mc Donalds, Coke and Pepsi and junk like that and the money which is not there money but from otehr sources.
Well, we all accept it, right?
we are on record for serious civil rights violations

first nations peoples' children were rounded up and de"indianized" until 1968 in residential schools-sexually abused and beaten
over 100,000 bastard babies were brokered and sold by the catholic church-in Quebec-boys beaten and dehumanized-from 1930 to 1960
the chinese paid an enormous head tax-$500- at the turn of the century to enter canada and build our railroad-promised settlement of their families-later denied after railroad completed-may=ny died--written into the courts that 'Yellow Peoples not welcome
at the end of the holocaust our prime minister Mackenzie King said in parliament -If we take 1 Jew it is one jew too many

Japanese were rounded up in 1943-after bombing of pearl Harbour- in the STATES!!-and put into camps and stripped of all their wealth

and we supported slavery for a long time before our underground railroad made us look good


we are not so terrific are we?

blessings Susan
Hi Susan these are great stories some of them I did not know. Amazing and disgusting.
Well I think it is a little bit also our fault to accept it or better tolerate it because we only think of our own advantage first and why complaining and raising the voice for others at the end of the day we might end up in trouble. Isn't that the way it is, we are cowards and we don't bother about others we only talk nicely from the sofa chair in our living room. When we watch TV we turn our head when they show cruel things.
I believe we should slowly think of changing the word human being into just beings. Human is gone, humanity is non existent.
we are the change
every one of us
look at Nelson Mandela's example
tortured and imprisoned for 38 odd years he emerged gentle compassionate and a living example of how to love forgive and move forward
do not despair
Know the truth and it shall set you free
blessings and light

ps our govt is big right now on apologies as people like us open up discussion and histories
money settlements will be better
maybe it will come about in time


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