It´´s so sad that civil young people paid by ultra right groups, kill inocente people just becuase they are indiginous. Catholic church in Bolivia support the conservative group. Who are behind this violent movement? They do not want the president Morales, because they say he is communist. But, Why kill and attack inoccent people, why the indiginous groups? Please who ever read this message promote peace in Bolivia. IT´S URGENT.

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Thanks a lot for the site of survival. As soon as I read your mesage I´ve opned the site recommended. If you can do something through them in order to increase the interest of helping Indiginous bolivian peole it would be of great meaning and help.

love and kindeness within you

if you attack INDIGENOUS people than they have no traditions and people orget where they came from and their memories and thenthey have no future to move forward as the person they once were before the "white people" to that away from them...(WHAT GOVT is doing this???)))....
There are economical minterests on this matter. President Morales is giving land to the indiginous communities. There is a small group of "mestizos" they are afraid that President Morales starts to do the same thing that President CHavez from Venezuela. However, indiginous people they are not resposnibel for this. The problem is that the conservative groups are promoting racicism among the popultaion and provoking violent acts between meztizos and indiginous, taking the banner of catholicism and white supremacy, even that lots of them are mixed -mestizos, with part of indian bllod. It´s really sad, It´s urgent that the world adresses its attention to Boloivia in order tos top thie.
Thanks Michael, Can you contact Dr. Amy Eisenberg and let her know about the Bolivian situation. I would try contact her too. Thnaks for your interest in this matter.
. . .since the beginning of time indigenous people of any place have been under attack all over planet earth-- In America, we like to pretend that we are a melting pot of peoples but truth be known, the Native Indians (Americans) are the only indigenous people of these United States of America. Of course, the former is merely my humble opinion but your cry for help is not a new one at all.

Make no mistake, America is not the great melting pot but rather it is like a stir fry dish. I say this because in America we are a garden variety mix and the only thing indigenous to this mix is the fact that each ingredient brings to the table its own unique flavor far a far away land via some old relative. If you add into a stir-fry a bell pepper, that item retains its unique flavor. If you add a carrot into a stir-fry, it retains its flavor; thus, the great American "stir-fry" not "melting pot." So, I think you get what I am getting at . . .yes. . . no . . .maybe. . .

The best way to keep peace in Bolivia is to continue doing what you're doing-- tell the world via words, via video, via letter writing campaigns, via whatever means is necessary but do not respond to violence with violence. Pray for those who would do you dirty and call it clean. Find forgiveness in the heart of your soul.

Keep your message out to the world and pretty soon the world will heed your cry and understand the need to respond to the matter of "white people" killing indigenous people-- The world shall ask, "how long will they continue their historical path of destruction before they understand that the World is not theirs alone to have?"

Abiding Peace Unto You and ALL Peoples~ indigenous or not
EmmDee B.


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