I am new here :-) it is so good to find a site dedicated to peace.....there is far too much hatred and wars in this world :o( we should be able to share this beautiful planet without resorting to violence and hatred ....I look forward to making new friends here



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Hello Anna:)
It s great to read you post.
In fact this is a loving place and its good to be part of it
Be very welcome!
hi maria nice to meet you ;o)



peacefull greetings to you too Stefan

what a lovely photograph that is ....my daughter has just come back from egypt where she was attending her best friends muslim wedding and she said it was really lovely

Hi Annamaria and welcome to iPeace! Yes I agree with you that we should put an end to hatred, terror and war on this earth and the good news is, we are empowered today to do it! For the sake of ourselves, our children, and for the sake of future generations, we must change our whole perspective of reality!

We Must Update The Obsolete Language Of All Religions Around The World! World religions are good, but the ancient language used to communicate in these religions must be updated if we want to start thinking as one human family!

Please see and share the link below:
i am reading a really good book at the moment called Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Album and its just amazing....and there is a bit in it that says people live for a culture and if you dont believe that culture dont buy into it....makes sense to me :o)
Hi Anna,

Welcome to this peaceful planet.we are here for sharing our ideas and thoughts about peace and how to maintain the peace among this voilent and cruel people's world.So lets incourage and motivate more and more people to involve in this .so that we can share our part in maintaining peace on this earth.
Welcome Annamarie,

I too am fairly new and still learning to navigate all.

Wouldn't it be an even more amazing planet it everyone started working for peace. Wouldn't it wonderful to really know, see and be at Peace the World over?

So many lives lost, so much resources lost, so much destruction; it is a sad testament to human kind world wide.

This site seems as though many are working toward Peace, and sharing with Peace in mind.

April 22, 2009 is Earth Day, let it, help it be a day of Peace as well.
I know this is over a year old, but I'm pretty new, and am looking for more friends and to get more involved in this site :)


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