These are the main reasons to feel the true happiness in this world we belong now. But why are lots of people so selfish, to not let those reasons to show to others or they never want others to see how beautiful to live with those. All they knows are create war, kills innocents lives, they're being rebelious for no reasons. But because we are here, as people who are willing to stands strong, help people to feel and see the real beauty of life, share knowledge and strength to those who are weakens, let's us hand and hand help each other to pull up those people who lost their path to find the peace, love ,unity and feel the freedom help them to stand strong and never give up like we are doing now. Let's help each other to bring back our world into colorful planet, think about our kids future, let's save the clean water,fresh air to breath, blooming flowers, greeny mountains, beautiful life for them. Let's take time to think what is the best way to do to help people ! Cheers for peace+ love + unity +freedom= happiness!!! :)

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Hi Kaye! thanks for sharing your thoughts about Peace, Love, Unity and Freedom.

What a vast increase in the sum total of human happiness it would mean if each one of us are to be always kind to others. Not only to our family but outside home. Earth would be almost heaven if all unkindliness were eliminated from our lives... Maybe if we Stop thinking unkindly to others, Stop to speak unkindly to others and Not to act unkindly towards others then we could really make this world a better place to live.

It's kinda' hard to do but if we set it as a rule with contrite heart, then we can humbly whisper to our serves that we are doing something worth while. I believe in that way we can contribute peace in our own little way.

Peace, love and joy to all..
fargo ( freda changat )
Hi! Fargo,

That's very true , i'm so glad to see people like you here that has a great intention to others for helping them to see and feel the beauty of peace, love,unity and freedom. You sounds wonderful person, nice to know you.
And thank you so much for sharing your heart here , showing that you care people around. Keep up the good works and spread more to people your kindness . cheers for peace!!!! :)


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