Message from Kristin - 10/28/08 - Introduction to the Golden Age

Message from Kristin – 10/28/08 – Introduction to the Golden Age

Channeled by: Commander Adama

All messages from other beings are received by Adam via direct telepathic communication with aid from telepathic implants he has received that secure a “crystal clear” connection.

An introduction to Kristin:

Kristin was somebody I knew physically upon this planet from 2000-2002. She was an important person in my life during that period as I felt a strong connection and “pull” towards her. In the summer of 2002, due to some family problems, I relocated to another state over 1000 miles away and unfortunately never talked to her again. She later died in late 2006 in a car accident. Almost 2 years later starting in early October 2008 she started to directly contact me and our strong connection was indeed intact! She then informed me about our pre-birth agreement in writing messages during these critical times in Earth’s history to better educate others. That is how it all started.

CA: “Hello Kristin! I am so fortunate and thankful to be talking to you! I do have some questions about the “Golden Age” which we are all headed towards. What is it? And what is meant by the phrase “bringing Heaven to Earth?”

KRISTIN: “Hello love. I am so fortunate and thankful as well to be talking to you. Many within this “New Age” movement are familiar with the term the “Golden Age.” Basically, it is a new era of life within this galaxy. For far too long this galaxy has been controlled by lower dimensional “negative” beings until recently. A new era has been decreed, one based upon the factors of love, peace, and joy. Many should be very aware of this. With that said, this term also has an aspect attached to it which others call “bringing Heaven to Earth.” What is meant behind that? Well, simply put, it is the transitioning point where all of Earths inhabitants, whether living physically or not, connect back to one another on planet to experience Ascension. What your world calls “Heaven” is basically a 4th dimensional realm of reality and so are all of us souls within it. As the Earth starts to transition from third dimensional reality to fourth, at that point Heaven and Earth will be at the same dimensional vibration meaning they can reconnect. See, heaven is nothing more than a soul’s education center before transitioning to another lifetime. Many of us here now however are working with Earth to get to Ascension. So, once this dimensional boundary is no longer, Heaven will exist on the Earth plane and as a collective, we will all then make the transition into a fifth dimensional reality.”

CA: “That is interesting and awesome sounding at the same time. So, for those in Heaven who have chosen to reconnect with Earth during this transitioning period, will we be able to see you and interact with you physically? And will you still be within the lifetime you lived prior to physical third dimensional death?”

KRISTIN: “Yes, though not within the boundaries of that form. The physical third dimensional body is merely just a vehicle to experience life within that level of vibration. When ascending towards a higher vibration, the physical form as you all come to know it ceases to exist. Therefore, we will all be at an even level and can once again interact with one another. There is a common misconception that when you “die” you will never be able to see that person again. That is simply never the case. This whole experience in which we are all a part of is different however. Some souls have chosen to die within 3D in this generation because either; 1) They are not at a level to ascend to higher dimensional reality and will experience another similar lifetime until they can reach that point, or 2) They have a special role to play within Heaven and can reconnect back to Earth when the time of Ascension to 5D has arrived. Many souls have volunteered to be part of this second option because it is more of their expertise, in helping others from a higher dimensional standpoint to spread important messages to people on Earth in this important time in Earth’s history. There are many, including me, who are doing this. Other than that, there are a multitude of other reasons, but the one stated was just a relative example. Heaven will be bridged and integrated back to Earth to then experience Ascension for those who have chosen to experience it.”

CA: “That is phenomenal. So within the future we will be able to see one another again and interact face to face. Awesome! I am sure many people will love to hear that the possibility to reconnect with “lost” loved ones is there. What else is there to say about the Golden Age or Heaven?”

KRISTIN: “Yes love, the moment in reconnecting with loved ones is possible and will happen for many. But, to talk more about the Golden Age and Heaven, I believe I have said enough for now. As a recap I will say that Heaven WILL be reconnected back to Earth when both are equally at a fourth dimensional level and those who have chosen to “go back” will. The Golden Age is close to coming to fruition for us all, and the era of love, peace, and joy will be our new reality. I am extremely excited and cannot wait! Many of us here feel the same that have chosen to “go back” when appropriate. I believe that is enough for me to say for today.”

CA: “Very well Kristin. With that said I will thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions.”

KRISTIN: “You are very welcome. This is something we have both agreed to do however Adam. Ha. We will speak again love. Love ya. See ya later. ”

CA: “Bye.”

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May I ask why moderators allow this sort of contribution to persist? What has it to do with the apparent objectives of this site?
"Channeling" ???
"Spirit Contacts" ???
All credibility will be gone very quickly if the site degenerates into this kind of... I can't think of an appropriate word that isn't also offensive.
The content in the above post is, however, offensive to me.


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