I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how to achieve world peace and what is meant by world peace. Is it about respecting everybodys right to their own way of going about things? or maybe it's about tollerance of others beliefs and just to be really controversial could world peace come about through violence ie (and this is not what I think it is only to start a discussion) if the nazi's had put into place the final solution and eradicated everyone they didn't like after the initial period of living in a world akin to Orwells 1984 would things of settled and become more relaxed and with no other systems and religeons would they have succeded in getting world peace.

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Hello, I'll check out the network when I get chance (work summons me) empowerment one at a time is a good start, it puts me in mind of Jamie Olivers ministry of food where he teaches 5 people to cook and in turn they teach 5 people so on and so on. I agree with you that we are almost in an Orwellian society but not to the point of a total system akin to what the final solutution would have maybe brought about which would have been akin to 1984.

Thanx for the reply, Neil
"What do crocodiles have for dinner?" - kicking of with a Question for my response and reply...

From: The Elephant's Child / Rudyard Kipling ("Just So"-stories - we begin with the kids, right???)



I think generally iPeace is having too few of How-conversations.

So maybe rephrase the question

How can we get more "How do we achieve world peace conversations" on iPeace.

But you're right, before "How"


"What?" - what is world peace???
"Why?" - why should we have it (for us it could be obvious, but what is the ULTIMATE why? for me, preservence of humanity and the rest of the ecosystem/biosphere in order to sustain it for coming billions of generations living in harmony beyond this crazy parenthesis of the Eons on this Planet caalled OIL AGE...)
"Who?" - who should be a part of creating it?



I answered that on the second-to-last.

And, yeah, what? What IS world peace? My take:

RE:LOVE THE WORLD - A vision of a world where you meet your fellow human being with Love and Respect, and you can expect to be met with the same.

That's my rephrasing of a World in Peace (inner - tranquility, outer - harmony), or a Sustainable World.

My answer on HOW is: Sustainopreneurship.

But I have co-answerers with their passionate concepts and topics building hubs and communities;

• Naima Benali - TransQure
• Yvette Dubel - Cultural Fusion
• Inger-Mette Stenseth - 360Degrees
• Sunil Malhotra - IdeaLabs
• Mats Frejd - the Creator's Bank
• Sofia Bustamante - Turn Up The Courage!
• Ed Daniel - Collective Intelligence / Tools For Change
• Sadiq Baig - Sustainable Prosperity
• Jeff Dunn - Our World
• Chris Macrae - Future Capitalism (echoing Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus)

- Just to name a few.

I am here to gather 150 Cases in a Hub called AEREAS. With respective Leaders for Meta-Facilitation to create leverage in the Business of Peace-Making one way or a multitude of other in October 2009.

And - HERE and NOW...in the Quest of Answers Kipling Style, answering piece, by, piece, by, piece, towards, peace...

We are experimenting with a Collaborative Book Authoring exercise named "Pro-active Peer2Peer-Reviewed Crowd-sourcing".

All in the name of Sustainopreneurship.

Or - Making Good Business of Peace-Making!

• Blog: http://www.sustainopreneurship.biz
• Community: http://www.sustainopreneurship.org
• Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainopreneurship

What's YOUR Peace Innovation, and how can it be turned into business for you, for your planet, for your people, for your profit-as-means, for (global sustainable) prosperity, for the party of happiness going on all night?

Light the Bonfire, it is time to have a Tribal Peace Dance ;). Enlightened...

And fellow peace-makers.

Dare to be Wise.

Be careful out there :).

Take care!

Peace, Love, Light and Tranquility,

"I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who."

Rudyard Kipling

Sorry - a little Typo occured;

My New Delhi Friend Sunil Malhotra pointed out an accidental wrong-writing I did in the emotional state of the writing, triggering hard on the topic ;).

His company name is Ideafarms, nothing else.

While at it, I point to his blog post "Was Gandhi innovative?"


One of the things we need to discuss is the topic of religion and how it creates a stranglehold on sections of world society. This kind of separatism automatically creates the "Us & Them" mindsets that leads to conflicts, both inner as well as manifestations outside of the human being.

'Humanity' is the only religion to follow. When some people believe that their sense of humanity is better/stronger/whatever, they fray the very fabric of human existence. In their need for having their point of view accepted, they succumb to their own greed for power; they form religions, factions and whatnot. This is the true bane.

Man's need for self preservation is best fulfilled by material/tangible acquisition as is his measurement of social aheadness. Religious leaders, since the time of the Rennaisance, feed this base instinct and win over followers who are brainwashed into believing that their truth is better than another's.

World peace hinges on destruction and deconstruction of religion through institutionalising the Peace movement right from primary school education. Is the media listening?
This is a very crucial component. By replacing religion with a generic concept of Belief System, and decentralize truly this choice to the carrier of that choice - to the individual in trustful collaboration with his/her peers from day one of emergence of understanding (i. e. childhood!) - we will transform the pluralism that signifies the six point seven billion people also to be reflected by belief systems, and acknowledge that the smallest minority is the Individual, and that there is only one Majority, and that is the Great Family called Humanity, in one Universe, emerging from Big Bang up until now.

Harmony rooted at that level.

As the informal mantra of iPeace - We are all made of stars /Moby ;).

(using his sig for a daily mantra in commuication ;)
I wish they were... well said my brother... well said.
Permit me to start with a quote, rather a statement which seems relevant with current scenario within WOT perspective:

"Writing in 1966 he (Gregory Bateson) paired the development of cybernetics with the Treaty of Versallies as the two most significant events of the twentieth century, but he pointed to the Treaty of versailles as disastrously reducing the possibility of trust and was hopeful about the possibilities of cybernetics. By cybernetics, he did not refer narrowly to computers, but to the once-integrated field that studied communication and control in organisms and social organizations as well as in machines, now sometimes called systems theory.

The treaties that followed the first World War, especially the draconian peace imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, set the stage for many of the conflicts that have occurred since, including World War II. The conflicts in the Balkans have been deja vu all over again. But Gregory's argument was more subtle: the Treaty of Versailles, cruel and punitive as it was, was especially destructive because it was imposed in the context created bgy American president Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points, which had proposed a non-punitive peace settlement. The demoralization of Germany that led to the rise of Nazism was triggered by a sense of betrayal, not by hardship." - http://www.marycatherinebateson.com/">Mary Catherine Batesons, "Healing the Planet, Healing Our Selves".

WAHT? A peaceful co-existence of nations and all of their nationals!

WHY? Awe and Shock, Carrot and Stick, Debt therapy and Tricle Down - all the imperlistic tactices have miserably been failed and the world is becoming less secure everyday despite the 'terror' of nuclear annihilation.

WHO? All of us, lets start from 'me', yet a body of really capable persons has to be set up which should guide and lead a....global movement which should unchained the humanity from the clutches of vested interests - the merchants of death.

WHEN? right now, it is already too late - look at the figures of how many have been killed just in Iraq since wot

HOW? as the oceans are filled by 'drops'

WHERE? Everywhere, let the sunshine go down to the darkest spots on earth!

Isn't real 'sustainopreneuring'?

Kindest regards.

What Local Hubs of Trust-networks do you value highest in your proximities, relative to the Kashmir conflict area?

It seems that the dialogue in PIJ.org and the town of Amman, Jordan, seems to be emerging intellectual vs. physical rooms/spaces/points of departure for finding proactive, working and lasting, hands-on, tangible ways to end the ME spiralling negative dynamics, to tear down the Wall in between you know who. Blowing the Horn like Jericho...

What would be the analogy for the Kashmir area? Where do people meet up in trust to end the bubbling unrest in your surroundings? I remember sitting at the Lodge in Lira town, northern Uganda, watching the news, in the midst of the Lord's Resistance Army "Joseph Kony Land", end of May, 2002, just before going home after chatting with a local cotton farmer on his experiences at the end of the global food-chain for the textile industry - beyond 9/11 (see quote from Wikipedia). With a enormous sting of worry with the news from Kashmir back then. At the same time Bono was touring Africa, and he was in fact in Kampala just some few blocks away from the On a Mission incubator office in Kawempe, at the local FINCA microfinance office, a suburb when we were up north. And I connected the farmer conditions with the fight of resources in your Kashmir surroundings...as root causes?

It hasn't exactly become more peaceful after the assassination of Mrs. Bhutto in your country since...I can imagine?

You tell us.

And to end my response - every sustainopreneurial venture to solve root-causes to unrest and conflict is one of those 'drops' you speak to me about. To respond to your ocean-clear (sic!) HOW?

As said, WORD!

Spirit to Spirit, to a Dear Friend I never met offline, but share the same spiritual Locality, Borderless, in Unity.



"Efforts to end the crisis

The 9/11 attacks on the US resulted in the US government wanting to restrain militancy in the world, including Pakistan. Due to Indian persuasion on US Congress Members, the US urged Islamabad to cease infiltrations, which continue to this day, by Islamist militants into Indian-administered Kashmir. In December 2001, a terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament linked to Pakistan resulted in war threats, massive deployment and international fears of nuclear war in the subcontinent.

After intensive diplomatic efforts by other countries, India and Pakistan began to withdraw troops from the international border June 10, 2002, and negotiations began again.[citation needed] Effective November 26, 2003, India and Pakistan have agreed to maintain a ceasefire along the undisputed International Border, the disputed Line of Control, and the Siachen glacier. This is the first such "total ceasefire" declared by both nuclear powers in nearly 15 years. In February 2004, Pakistan further increased pressure on Pakistanis fighting in Indian-administered Kashmir to adhere to the ceasefire. The nuclear-armed neighbours also launched several other mutual confidence building measures. Restarting the bus service between the Indian- and Pakistani- administered Kashmir has helped defuse the tensions between the countries. Both India and Pakistan have also decided to cooperate on economic fronts.

On Dec. 5, 2006, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf told an Indian TV channel that Pakistan would give up its claim on Kashmir if India accepted some of his peace proposals, including a phased withdrawal of troops, self-governance for locals, no changes in the borders of Kashmir, and a joint supervision mechanism involving India, Pakistan and Kashmir, the BBC reported[12]. Musharraf also stated that he was ready to give up the United Nation resolutions regarding Kashmir [13]."

Dear Friend Anders,

And it may not be out of place to link here what I wrote for American People at Ecademy on 22 Jan 2007:

And it also has link to my thoughts on 'Kashmir' problem!

Kindest regards. Sadiq
Maybe deleting well intentioned - and dare I say intelligent - posts about the world population problem from the site is NOT the way to achieve anything. Perhaps we should all be "channeling" our our "Spirit Guides" for wisdom instead.
Great question. Glad you've raised it.
If anyone knows the answers for sure, would love to hear from them!
And i do agree that action is needed, not just talk. And i see getting people together on iPeace is a very positive step indeed in taking action - and congratulations again to David for taking this great initiative of setting up iPeace!!

Here are my quick answers

1) How to achieve world peace:

a) Ensure the women the world over have a strong representation in business, economics and politics. Change the values that the world holds so high - such as competition - and emphasise cooperation, understanding, empathy. Encourage people to come more from their hearts and less from their minds.
Many men don't want wars. I would suggest that even more women don't want wars.

b) Create a new media. Young people are more likely to get their news on the internet than buy a newspaper - let's create a new media between us - which promotes trust not fear, empathy not greed, and emphasises the positive not the negative.

c) Do what we can to help each other find inner peace, inner happiness. Because when people are happy they don't want more, so long as they have their basic needs met. Offer each other support and understanding.

d) Ensure everyone in the world has their basic needs met. I believe there is plenty to go around, so long as none of us wants more than we need.

e) A new focus in education - less emphasis on intellectual, academic learning and focus more on heart-based learning, encouraging understanding and empathy.

f) Spread fun and smiles and stop taking ourselves so seriously, except in the most crucial matters. Encourage the human race to get our priorities in perspective.

2) What is meant by world peace?
Talking through our differences. Not seeing killing and fighting as a way of sorting differences of opinion. Sharing values of love and empathy and a willingness to listen to other points of view.

OK enough of me talking for now! :) :) :)
There was an article in a national paper here, back in May, when i first set up WFAC, which I have saved.
It was about a lad who was murdered in London, the day after his 16th birthday, with a shard of glass,at a bakery near his home. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,
The parents said that society needed to change its values to solve the problem of violence.
The mother's message to the nation, through tears before the memorial service, was,
''If you see someone today, give them a hug.
There is not enough hugs and love around.
That is what is missing".

And the father added, 'It doesn not have to be like this.. Perhaps we all need to look to ourselves and look to the values we would like and our responses to situations in our life... Change has got to come from all of us. Look out for each other and take caere of each other and look to the sort of values we need to live with".
I kept that article because i felt that was such an amazing thing for the parents to say at such a time.


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