I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how to achieve world peace and what is meant by world peace. Is it about respecting everybodys right to their own way of going about things? or maybe it's about tollerance of others beliefs and just to be really controversial could world peace come about through violence ie (and this is not what I think it is only to start a discussion) if the nazi's had put into place the final solution and eradicated everyone they didn't like after the initial period of living in a world akin to Orwells 1984 would things of settled and become more relaxed and with no other systems and religeons would they have succeded in getting world peace.

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I'm filled with tears of laughter, warmth, happiness and love.. :) :) :)

I know if the world felt like this there'd be no fighting.

(I guess the question doesn't matter now we know the answer... )
Dearest Ruach
i agree wholeheartedly and, once again, you have expressed so beautifully what i have been struggling to say!
Love love love, & peace & balance & harmony
Chris :)
Yes sorted!!! :) :) :)

love, laughter & friendship
to u all :)
what a lovely afternoon it's been :)
And, yes, how to spread love laughter friendship over the planet, one laugh, one love, one new friend at a time?

Resting on THAT case - time to sleep soon!
one at a time
but with thousands and then millions of us doing it

and Yes
time to sleep
resting in laughter and friendship

sweet dreams,
Thanks a lot Robert
certainly 'traditional' and ancient long-established cultures often have much we can learn from.
And animals too, if it comes for that.
Animals also know better than to kill others of their own species - and very few do.
Nature's intelligence knows that to kill each other off is not sustainable - call it love, intelligence, wisdom or whatever.
And i have no trouble believing that cultures such as the Maori's also know this, and are very in tune with nature's wisdom.
Peace to all
I agree - indigenous cultures and ingenuity in solving our worst problems turned into our best opportunities, I called that capacity some years back, of untapping wisdom residing in these cultures, the Local Knowledge, for solving problems - "indigenuity".

For me, meeting Oren Lyons in Sweden 2002 was very inspiring - where he explained to me the ancient symbol of the Sun Cross, that it represents 'balance kept' - if one of the four parts gets destroyed, the other three balances up. This lies within the concept of 'resilience'. Oren Lyons said that life always will prevail, but it is up to ourselves if humanity is a part of that life going on.


A recent interview with Oren Lyons from the traditional circle of elders was made by Swedish TV4 and is found here. Are we prepared to go to Zero Carbon?

Moving from Oil Wars to Sun Peace?


along a similar vein, of indigenous cultures - i remember reading of one of the North American (Canadian) tribes - so sorry that i can't remember which one - one of the larger ones - where, although those who make the decisions, the leaders, are all men, - only the women can vote to elect them... always remembered that!
I think our peace-making on fire made the longest forum thread so far on iPeace - finally, the crucial conversations are rolling :) !

But - heh, on an election day like this, I think the fight for Women Voting Rights giving result should not be replaced with Males loosing their voting rights ;).

For me, Oren Lyons For President ;) !

Please excuse me in taking liberty to repeat here what I wrote in reply to my dear friend Andres (and the addresses), with an hope that it might triger our collective imagination for marshalling our strengths to take the first step which we have yet to identify:

Word, talk, action and achievement! I understand what you mean, I appreciate what you do, I can guess what you aspire; we share so much yet we differ at a great length because, perhaps, our Creator has made us so - how many of us {around 6 billions in numbers} exactly match others, or each other?

We are of different shape, statures and personalities;
We have different perceptions, wants and needs, and so on

Yet we have to live on the Planet earth together (yes, yesterdays we could reach to others in months and even years, today at least we can convey our thoughts in friction of seconds!) in the Global Village, may be tomorrow it might be a “Global Home”.

In yesterdays, we could invade others lives in years and months; today technology has empowered us to do it in minutes – a single B52 can play havoc with the lives of millions, and it is something already being done!

What was the state of human life in preBC era? We know a little of the great civilizations in Monejo Daro, Egypt, Babylon, China, Persia etc but we recognize only the Romans who Romanized the great message of Jesus Christ (May Peace be upon him).

Must know about Great Budha, who being a prince 384 years BC one fine morning walked to reach eternity?

After 600 years after Jesus Christ (May Peace be upon him), the humanity got Mohammad (May Peace be upon him), his great message for humanity was stifled in the dessert of Iraq just around 40 years he left this world and in sequel to that the humanity got a different kind of emperors (Muslim Caliphs, I don’t call them ‘Islamic’), they went out from Arabia to Europe and met their Waterloo through their ‘Siege of Vienna’;

Then in came the Europeans who invaded most of the World, occupied many countries and sent back home great wealth which they could not ‘manage’ and fought with themselves – WW I & II.

The consequences of these wars made them wise, they withdrew from physical occupation of colonies but are now controlling the world through proxies – the states of Pakistan and Israel are two very important geo-strategic locations for that matter!

Now almost 80% of the world material resources are in the control of 20% of the world population; around 40% of world population live at less than 2$/day while in the developed countries I don’t think 2$ can buy a fine mug of coffee!

Within this mindset ruling over the world, we are talking peace; how naïve we are but what else we can do?

You talk about Kashmir while you might know how Bofors bribed Rajiv Gandhi the then PM of India who was commercial pilot before entering politics and his grand, grand, grand parents were wealthy people.

Do you think those who can coerce RG to accept bribe can let the problems like Kashmir and Palestine solved?

You mentioned Mush on Kashmir’s solution; perhaps you don’t know this characterless poor soul who sold out innocent people to CIA who the later made ‘terror object’ to terrorize the world?

Peace? Do read Mary’s link I gave in my original reply and also consequence of dishonoring treaties such as Versailles!

Now about talks! Ayatullah Komeni just talked, talked for years and toppled Shah of Iran; AK would not have been successful if not had help from France!

How you can change the mindset, by words or by action and which comes first – ah the egg-chicken story. But we have to do something at least because journey of thousands miles always starts with one step forward; what need be is that it MUST NOT be one step forward and two steps backwards!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the World” – Margaret Meads (1901-1978). http://www.interculturalstudies.org/

The great thing is that ICT (or is it cybernetics) have already made is ‘world citizens’

Kindest regards.
My understanding is that the issue is the corporatocracy and money system that governs the servitude and slavery of the planetary population which in turn has caused an identity crisis within the individual and society whereby we have lost touch with the true understanding of who we are.

For the current beliefs and systems cause one to identify with their material consumption and accumulation of goods as the marker or standard through which they measure their worth and standing.

It is this standard and modern misperception of self-worth and pride that drives the system and perpetuates the profit motive rat race.

Until consciousness secures a new understanding of itself, its worth and its purpose to take care of itself for the purpose of just doing so… almost every effort to change our current crisis is akin to moving the deck furniture around on an ocean liner. Such activities will have little or no effect on the direction of the ship.

That which is steering the ship is that which has lost touch with itself. And until the epiphany of our oneness, unity and singularity as an existence is truly realized, until the anthropocentric consciousness is abandoned and the ecocentric consciousness is manifest and remains a constant in everyone’s awareness, until at least these two things actually happen, we will remain in a state of denial attempting to shuffle the blame from one activity to another.

Yes, everything must be done to eliminate every activity that we know is an abomination towards nature. That is obvious. Yet, the external activities that give rise to this conversation are simply the symptoms of a planetary personality crisis.

When we truly realize that the essence of the issue will only be resolved from a shift within ourselves, not outside ourselves, and that the internal self-perception which intern manifests in our outer world is the true cause for all that is happening, then and only then will the monetary, political and religious institutions that govern our greed and desire for useless and meaningless products be replaced with that which will sustain us.

And that my friends... in my opinion... is world peace.


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