I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how to achieve world peace and what is meant by world peace. Is it about respecting everybodys right to their own way of going about things? or maybe it's about tollerance of others beliefs and just to be really controversial could world peace come about through violence ie (and this is not what I think it is only to start a discussion) if the nazi's had put into place the final solution and eradicated everyone they didn't like after the initial period of living in a world akin to Orwells 1984 would things of settled and become more relaxed and with no other systems and religeons would they have succeded in getting world peace.

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Still funky about where to put replies here!!
Very interesting to hear about the CEO of ning!
We could go on and on ....

and we mustn't forget Ghandi

and it was my partner Andrew who encouraged me to set up a woman's organisation because he believes women can do so much for the world - but having said that, he does all the back-end IT 48 hrs a day(!) because none of us women can do that - so the women's organisation I set up wouldn't exist without him at all. And he's also very good at reminding me when i'm getting too much in my mind - and bringing me back to my heart.. and simplicity!! :) :) :)

There's a lot to say for balance, harmony - yin & yang & all that.

Just how to we bring that to the world? Back to the beginning of this discussion here!

This is becoming a beautiful male / female exhange!
am in a skype call but will write more here later - i'm enjoying this discussion v much now :)
Agreed to 100 percent.

Balance, and Harmony.

Inequality and Bias makes the whole flow unstable. Thus, we need to level EVERYTHING - including opportunities, to everyone. We must allow ourselves to be flourishing our dreams, everhwyere, six point seven billion biographies. And have no excluding factor.

Bring back Human in Humanity.

And yes - when words are not enough, I spread Love through Music. That's my means. And actually, the concept "The Business of Peace-Making", as I got to interpret it here when joining the iPeace dialogue; Sustainopreneurship. See the original posting I made here!

Love is the Answer!

But what is the Question?

Wonderful. :) :) :)

And laughter is the answer too.

Still working on the question...
:) :) :)
PS will certainly check out your original posting here Anders,
as i know we first connected through the common shared passion for social enterprise & sustainable business!
Which reminds me, i think i need to rejoin your network and probably deleted myself recently because my details were old, my email address was old and now i've started afresh with my new social enterprise i need to rejoin i think!
Glad u reminded me
Yep, that posting was sparked by the original posting, and I believe my posting have sparked a few spirits as well :)

Let's ignite :) !
PS. welcome back to the café, we're progressing... a book is emerging! DS.


All You Need Is Love

(and maybe a little help from your friends :)

I share your passion for Tribal Drumming Sounds, btw ;)
I feel that this exchange here has turned out so absolutely beautifully

love, drumming, music, laughter, peace & harmony to all

(still don't know what the question is)

:) :) :)
PS hope we haven't digressed too much and disrupted this discussion :)
But somehow it's feeling so healing and constructive :)
your heart knows the question, we don't need to spell it out...as a man knowing my intiution, it is enough to me for acting knowing the question in my heart...

...we actually take this question in this forum discussion to action instead of wording about it...

THIS is the way to MAKE PEACE!

My iPeace sisters ROCK :) !!
Yes, well said, our hearts, and all hearts, know the question and the answer.

Let's get on with doing it :)

May iPeace Brothers and Sisters ROCK!! (in harmony)

:) - Love Laughing :) - yes, Peace begins with a Smile, as our Mother T said ;)


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