I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how to achieve world peace and what is meant by world peace. Is it about respecting everybodys right to their own way of going about things? or maybe it's about tollerance of others beliefs and just to be really controversial could world peace come about through violence ie (and this is not what I think it is only to start a discussion) if the nazi's had put into place the final solution and eradicated everyone they didn't like after the initial period of living in a world akin to Orwells 1984 would things of settled and become more relaxed and with no other systems and religeons would they have succeded in getting world peace.

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I will try to explain in short manner what I believe we need to do to attain world peace.

First of all there has to be a planetary mental transformation. Mankind has to come to the realization that we are one and the same, the divisions we see only exist in our heads.
I believe this opinion is shared by many people on this community, I suppose this cause I've come about it many times in the reactions of people, what I didn't come about as often is the question of how this planetary mental transformation is obtained, in other words the how-to conversation Anders is talking about.

One of the answers I've come about was this: everybody has to do his part and find his or her inner peace.

That is indeed the beginning, but we can't assume that everybody will get there on their own and simply wait until this has happened. We have to find a way to assist those people into getting there.

Actually we must first ask ourselves this question: Can we attain world peace and still retain the reigning old set of beliefs and traditions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and so forth. Is it compatible?

I find it odd to think of a world where there is world peace but not oneness, in the sense that mankind is divided into restrictive beliefs. How can a Hindu and a Christian feel connected if their sets of belief are so different. Maybe it is not necessary to feel this connectedness or sameness, as long as we respect each others beliefs. But that I find so strange, we live in the same physical world but our whole concept about it differs hugely. I believe that there still will be a feeling of 'us and them'.

So do we need to eradicate all the dogmatic and old traditions and belief systems to attain world peace?

If we do we got one hell of a job ahead of us!!!

Now lets assume that this mental transformation has happened, regardless whether the old belief systems got eradicated or not. Then we got ourselves another huge problem, but it will be made a thousand times easier because of our mental transformation (because then there'll be willingness). We have to change our scarcity-economy from profit-maximization-based to an abundancy-economy that is based on spreading wealth evenly among the people.

If every person on the world has the things that are vital for survival, a house, heating devices, food and clean water and fellow people we would have all that is necessary. The only problem is that the society of desire we live in today makes us believe that we need so much more, in reality we absolutely positively don't. Our desire can never be saturated in this society because we are constantly being brainwashed by multinationals and commercial institutions into needing more and more to proliferate our status in the world. Our worth as a person is measured by our accumulation of objects.

We didn't stray of, not at all... (Mind the sarcasm)

Peace and Love


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