A site like this is started with the best of intentions. If my experience is anything to go by, entropy follows very swiftly.

Anyway, here's a thought I'd like to transmit even though it's probably a waste of time.

Almost every problem that confronts this planet, and it's likely to be facing a catastrophic nexus of events quite soon, seems to me to be downstream of one central fact: the exponential growth of human population. (Does this need elaboration? I would have thought it pretty obvious; if you think it isn't, well, move away and read something else.) And yet the issue is almost never addressed, in any public context, whether political, economic or environmental - if indeed these categories can be said to be independent. Is it not incredible that public discourse on these global issues (and conflict arising from resource competition is now an ever more conspicuous component) almost NEVER raises this subject? The "Elephant in the room" indeed - completely taboo.

Until the objective of slowing population growth becomes the #1 global priority, all the other attempts to retard the current headlong slide into chaos are utterly futile. We'll leave aside for the moment the question of human consciousness and its inherent deficiencies. It's necessary to immediately address the raw numbers. This can be done relatively easily (compared to environmental manipulation, for example.) The Chinese did it quite effectively for a couple of decades. Taxation policies alone are capable of having a huge impact in developed economies - even those labouring under the burden of insane theological impositions.

So, let's start somewhere. One child family; base-level taxation. Two child family; 2X base level. Three child family; 6X base level. Etc. You get the picture.

Or we can ignore the cause and argue endlessly about ways to address the symptoms. Unfortunately the day will dawn when a politician out there somewhere, at the height of some unimaginable turmoil, will remember that mankind has invented the neutron bomb...

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An anthropological study I remember reading studied overpopulation in relation to resources within a group of people living off the land so to speak within urban encroach.

I remember it because it told of how these people began to turn on each other.

The elderly people who could not walk the distance to get food were not afforded the spoils of those who had.

A young girl who was 'different' was hit around the head by other children and this was an accepted practise among the adults.

It was compared to a similar study of rodents living in overpopulated conditions. They too began to turn on each other.

A progressive tax system I think may be helpful.
I agree that over populated is one of the issue... I just wonder if there is an exact number of population on earth would guarantee the world peace.

If I look at the people who living in agricultural villages in my country, children were produced to help the parents to deal with the farms. It is not so easy to tell them, not to produce so many kids. The only way to mention this issue is by the indirect way (such as caricature, for example.)...

˝Typical ´Sucessful´ Father of Indonesia˝ By I. Patalino, 2000.

Some of the kids were sent to school in the cities, just to be in a long line of unemployment. (15. 000 people of unemployment in my city alone, 2002.)... One of the way to shorten the line is to open more opportunities in their villages. That was one of the reason I was involved and pushed the tourism development, despite I have no back ground in tourism and not in the industri...


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