I took the trouble to write a careful post about the world population problem, which I would have thought had a place here. Whoever moderates this site decided to delete it. Meanwhile the maunderings about "Spirit Guides" and Channelling" remain available. I think this reflects the generally low level of discourse here.
How the discussion of world peace can be said to exclude anything "political", as opposed to "Political", simply defies understanding.

Unless the forum has the courage to address major issues and deal with a degree of civilised contention (without which intelligent discussion is paralysed) it will simply become yet another formless blogsite for the witterings of the unfocused. Of course it's possible that this is precisely what the site's principals may wish to engender.

Perhaps the person who took the decision to delete the post might have the courtesy to justify the decision. But I doubt it: it's much easier to simply delete this one too and avoid confronting the issue.

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ok moderator ... we're waiting. Here is a legitimate question ... where is your answer? it sounds to me as though your actions has left this person very unpeaceful ... Does Roy deserve an answer? YES he does. We await your reply.

reread your message, then look in a mirror

live, love, learn
peace remain
we have no such moderator here - no one has deleted your post
Sometimes a post can disappear into the ether surrounding cyberspace - it's happened more than once @ Stumbleupon where i also have an account, and the best thing to do is grit your teeth and put it down to experience - i usually write out a long post on editpad-lite and then at least the message isn't entirely lost, and can be reposted when the gremlins have moved on.

I support this idea.

Doesn't do much for my mental health though when my comments seem to disappear.
I agree with this that this website need to do more to address real sollutions and not just play nice peace songs and have nice picutres, as that is dreamland and will lead to bad things if you dont wake up and start fixing the house buring around you. For peace we need healthy anarchy, I'm not sure whats going to happen with the population issue but i know that if all the worlds people become helathy and mind body and spirit they will not be greedy about ow many kids they want, if each couple has 2 kids the population remains stable, any less and it decreases, nuff said. So spreading of health in every mind body & spirit form in every direction and dimension out wards from where you stand at any given moment is the only way, spread health outwards from where you stand until you meet more like you and keep it going until the whole world is healthy, you are like a cell of a giant organism make yourself healthy and then when done with that help the rest. Healthy mind/body/consciousness people will have the knowledge that its selfish not to be selfish.
Lol about avoiding the issue, I wrote a great topic about avoiding truth in my group , its called "The truth about the true power of truth".
Namaste Mabuhay

Healthy Anarchy
What I do know is I seem to get moderated/deleted and be shocked about it everytime.

But then again I've been known to moderate/delete myself.

I'll be a Monkeys Uncle if I can work that one out...?????


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