Why peace?

We all, here boast that we are peace lovers and want to make a difference, shake masses. Do some good for people...and what not!

How much are You practically willing to do???

That's more important!

Each and every one of us can't be Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa!

What do You actually intend to do?
What have You accomplished till now?

Share it!

We all want to know and be inspired!

Lets spread happiness and hope!

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Lead by example. Before you can change others you must first change yourself. The responsibility is with the individual.
Peace happens every time we look in the eyes of another and recognize the same Life, the same Humanity, the same Divine Essence in them as we know is within us.

Peace happens every time we look in our own eyes in the mirror and acknowledge the Source within us, and commit to Source/Spirit/God that we will be an expression only of Its Peace.

Peace happens when we remove the conflicted ideas from our own heads and make space for It.

Peace happens when we see the bullsh*t in our world (or in our heads) and choose to know the Truth, even silently, without confrontation or conflict about it.

Peace happens when we know that Source/Spirit/God only desires Joy, Love and Harmony for us and we ALLOW that to fill the space within us that we have cleared for it.

Peace happens.
Love happens.
Shift happens.
God happens in us, thru us, as us.

Tat tvam asi (Thou art That)

My calling is to BE that and to call attention to it, in as many ways as I can.

Practical peace is remembering to say thank-you, I love you, I will protect you, I'm sorry, and please. Practical peace is doing the right thing when the wrong thing would be easier. Practical peace means never raising your voice or hand in anger. Practical peace means not looking at our neighbor as a stranger. Seeing ourselves in every human being. We can each do these things everyday. Practice!!!!!
Dawn said:
If I have been of service.
If I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good.
If I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action,
If I am at peace with myself,
It has been a good day,
Alex Noble,

I try each day, I try all the time, I may not always succeed, but I still keep trying to Give Love, Give Light, Give Peace. not only to others, but to myself to.
Thank you :)
This is a really beautiful poem. I appreciate your sharing it with us..
these messages were so peaceful..


love U guys...great!


all the best, keep on spreading the message of peace and harmony...and Utopia is no far!.....


dats what I used to think....

but I've changed partly...


I say...Life Is Beautiful..


And we shud Love what Life we have...it's a gift!

And problems can be far worse, can't they be?


But we also need to strive ahead!

There's always some space above the head fellas!


umm...Donna, can I be help to You in anyyyyyyy ways?

I'd love to!
Listen to people instead of just trying to instill my views on them.
.every day that I am blessed to live in this lifetime, I offer peace through love-- Loving one's enemy is the start of all peace-- understanding one's enemy is the continuation of peace. Giving and not taking from those, (our so called enemy), whom society may deem less is finalizing that peace.

So, I have lived as a minority in an America which claims "liberty and justice for all" but I have had to embrace my enemy with love (e.g., ignorant "rednecks" who would look me in my face, my eyes and call me the "n" word, a wetback, a Christ killer, a race trader, etc, Nonetheless, after attempting to understand that enemy, that hate spawn out of nothing other than misunderstanding and ignorance, I have walked and on an occasion run away but only after knowing that I must love that individual without regard to his/her ignorance. Loving that being or "so called enemy" comes from understanding him/her.

Furthermore, I give to that individual by offering up my story and reaching out and into the life of the other living being with compassion. This is what I must do everyday as a person of color but more importantly as a person who deems herself a spiritual and aware being. I give by changing minds about who I am-- Getting to know a person of a different race, creed, sexual orientation, culture, religious beliefs, etcetera helps me to perform daily peace--

Finally, I like to think of my circle of friends as not the proverbial melting pot but rather as a stir-fry of aware beings.

Why a stir-fry?

Because a stir-fry dish allows many different kinds of ingredients to be blended together-- yet each ingredient maintains its (for lack of a better word) originality--However, together my stir-fry makes one OMIHECK of a dish! Talk about tasty-- this is peace! One world, one love! Thanks for asking us to assess ourselves and how we really contribute to the concept of peace on Earth.
serendipity said:
Lead by example. Before you can change others you must first change yourself. The responsibility is with the individual.

very true! to understand whats happening outside our self ,we have to first understand whats happening within ourselves and contemplate with silence to try to get to peace with oneself in an attempt to begin to understand how one can contribute to ourselves to make a difference to the world.
I believe that Peace, Oneness and Love all start with Self-love. Loving oneself is the key to being at peace with your environment. Our experiences, relationships etc are reflections of the relationship we have with our Self. Love yourself, as you love others.
These are all wonderful answers to the question that started the discussion. But possibly the best answer lies in the question itself, ie. the queston that forms the title of this discussion. All of us here are committed to peace, but we all have our own calling, our own dharma, if you like. Therefore we will work for peace in our own individual ways, the ways in which each of us are best suited to do it. Some might do it as activists who take part in demonstrations or galvanize large groups of people to take action against violence and injustice; others may choose to win public office and change policies for the better; yet others might choose a quieter way where they find peace within themselves and let it shine through to others in their personal interactions; or any number of other ways.
What's most important, I think, are (i) our commitment to peace; and (ii) our commitment to finding and living our own true calling.
What am I willing to do? I am willing to sacrifice my only child, give away all of my earthly burdens, choose a path of non-speech, choose a path void of carnal sex, and go out and walk the path of Christ and Buddha. I am willing to be crucified by all of my family and friends. I am willing to live as poverty.

O wait. I have already done this.

Now I am exploring the darker side of things. I see much truth to be learned here. I see Man giving birth to gods, then failing them by not reminding them of their smallness so they might also know their greatness. These mini mees become dictators. We need to wake up! Spank and get spanked. See the Stars! It stimulates the pineal gland. Obviously, just standing on our heads is only making us light heads.

And to those readers that do not like it, I say Bring It. I shall be happy to oblige.

"How much are you practically willing to do???"

This is a very good challenge, a good question. Of course, we all know we need to make peace with ourselves before we go off running our mouths too much to the rest of the world. I didn't see that in my early youth; I just ran my mouth while the war raged inside of me.

For some time now, I've been fortunate to have found a way to make that peace real for myself. Now, I give as much time and energy to sharing how I found a way to do that and supporting and helping those interested in at least one way I know of that works for sure. I don't "sell" what I do or who I learned to feel peace from, but I do think it's only fair to spread the word if you find something that helps you...so I do.

I take this very, very seriously. It's a passion in my life and the most important thing I feel I can contribute to the human race.

Best to all. Nice meeting you here.


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