If we wanna be able to DO something in favor of Peace, we first need to have a common definition of the concept of Peace .... That's where the fun begins ... that's when we realise the importance of opening and promoting a dialogue on Peace ...

Whose's first ?!!!

Let your voice be heard ... !

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Did I mistakenly submit the reply I gave, or was it an inner voice??? Blessings and abundance to all!
I like the reference to non violence. Being in harmony with all that is. The Hopi people's name means People of Peace. They describe the peaceful way of life as being simple, humble and spiritual, in harmony with the plan of Creation. It is the basis of our original instructions received by Spirit within our heart since birth.
My definition of peace I guess would be: the comprimising of people and acceptance of the fact that peoples lives and experiences are all different and that ideas and believes differ due to their upbringing, the events in their live, their geographical location, their religious teachings and ideoligies; and then the allowing acceptance of one another within oneself by dismissing fear and misunderstanding of people's diversities, and finding a common ground, a common denominator or sameness that can be shared with love and acceptance of people dispite all differences, in a nonviolent and benevolent fashion.

Sorry this was such a run-on sentence, haha. .
Peace as an inner state of being leads us to Peace as a way of life.
Peace is but a Piece of Heaven.

Seek the Whole and Ye Shall Know Heaven.

Share the goods of the Earth and to embrace each other as the brothers and sisters they are.
If we would have peace there is only one way to achieve it:
that is by the realization of justice throughout the world,
and that justice can only be achieved through sharing.


The moment has come
by the Master--, through Benjamin Creme, 8 February 2009 (Share International)

Eventually, men will realize that they are travelling together on a journey of Self-discovery, one which will bring them in time to the feet of the Most Holy.
The essence of this journey of discovery is that it is self-enacted and willed, and at the same time is shared by all members, known and unknown, of the human family.
True it is that all men are brothers, sons of the One Father,
each engaged, consciously or otherwise, in this momentous adventure we call life.
To many today, unfortunately, this adventure is a painful and degrading experience;
to millions, it is unjust and barren, the sooner over the better.

Small wonder is it, therefore, that so many see life as drudgery and grind, their child-engendered dreams of achievement and happiness but distant memories.

Men are born to create and grow in Self-awareness, and need the environment in which that
becomes possible. The terrible disease of commercialization has robbed countless millions of
their birthright and, as its insidious growth encroaches on all aspects of men's lives, its tentacles
of disaster squeeze every generous and human feeling from their hearts.
Humanity is in thrall to commercialization and in peril of its soul.


What can men do to reverse this process of disaster?
Already, the current economic and financial chaos, symptoms of the destructive forces of commercialization, are showing men that they can no longer allow this monster to rule their lives; that they must take stock and assess anew their priorities for a more just and healthy economic structure which will the better serve their needs.
There are, of course, many, relatively untouched by the current crisis, who see this time as a 'downturn'
and look forward in full confidence to the inevitable upturn', when we can carry on as before.

This is no longer possible; the blind can no longer lead the blind.

They know not of Maitreya.


Maitreya has chosen this moment to fulfil His promise to enter the domain of men and to help them on their journey.
He is emerging now;
His herald, the star-sign of His emergence, is seen worldwide by many and is the signal of His appearance, openly, before men.
Using the television resources of today,
He will engage on a series of interviews starting in America and including Japan and many other

As an ordinary man, undeclared as Maitreya,
He will speak for all those who have no voice, no spokesman.
He will call on men to share the goods of the Earth and to embrace each other as the brothers and sisters they are.
He will show that if we would have peace there is only one way to achieve it:
that is by the realization of justice throughout the world,
and that justice can only be achieved through sharing.We await the response of all men and women of goodwill in this, our world. •

Share International.
Vol 28, No.2-- March 2009
Dear Dominic,

Peace and blessings from Pakistan!!!
My definition of peace says: Peace is an inner contentment of “self” that expends itself from regulating a person from individual liberty to common and collective public good

May God continue to bless you and your family with all worldly and spiritual enrichments!!!

With peace and unconditional love, I am,

Inderias Dominic Bhatti
Peace Ambassadors - Pakistan,


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