Peace in Bahasa Malaysia means aman, damai, tenang, tenteram, berkat. We still write P-E-A-C-E as peace since it is a universal language.

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Dear Rahani,
Very interesting what you have shared with us. I'm learning. PEACE is the word!
Could you write it in your mother's language? I assume it's not the Latin alpha-beth.
If it is not backed by the system then take a screen shot of your screen and upload here.
Have a blessed Saturday or as we say in Hebrew "Shabbat Shalom"
A poster of International Words Of Peace is an excellent peace initiative! I feel though that all people worldwide can recognize a peaceful gesture anyway regardless of any language barriers. An outstretched hand in friendship doesn't even require any words!The International Words Of Peace poster, however, will serve as a reminder of the spirit in which we should all communicate with each other. Join me at "
as we try to encourage kinder classrooms everywhere where there will be no unkind words spoken to one another! "KIND CLASSES" also has a website if you would like to visit there. There is also a

"KIND CLASSES" Facebook group
if you are on that social network.
We hope for kinder classes!
Dear Friends,
Thanks for your encouragement which gives us all the will to move on and contribute.
In a short while I'll try to define a frame and even an interface where everyone will be able to load her/his visual design for the word PEACE in her/his language with the English pronunciation (like Shalom in the logo of our discussion group). We can even consider to add an icon of our country's flag. The aim is to present it on the front page without having to scroll to previous pages.
The next step will be to combine our creations to a huge PEACE poster/flag and make it copyright-free to all, to print and distribute.
The next step is to find a way where each one of you will be able to record her/his word for PEACE, in his/her own voice, in his/her own language. I have mentioned already the free application of which can easily serves you for that mission.
Usually I request a modest fee for commercial use but here I'll agree for a copy of the album
So, don't stop your desire for PEACE,
i Care4u

Dear Rahani ,

Thank you for your message at first!

Join me on Ipeace on Peace for Kenia and One voice..

Thanking you in advance!

Your (new) friend in Holland,

Hans Mertens

Free Glitter Text Maker
Free Glitter Text Maker

= Fred, in my laguage and my language is Swedish.

Blessings Ice!
Peace in most Indian languages including my mother tongue Tamil is SHANTI.


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