I´m sure, based i my life´s experiences, it´s very easy TO HAVE knowledges. The difficult is TO BE this knowledge. So, the peace born inside each one and so, can go thought the world around us. All is inside. Include the answers. Thus, don´t looking for out. If we can found the peace inside us, we can transform the world around us. Kisses in your heart. Ngari

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We are all peaceful as people, but it's only when people motivate us to go against something that we tend to go wrong. We are easily motivated, most often for the wrong reasons.

Education is key to finding peace and giving your anger a voice rather than weapons. Helps one know where he stands and where he must stand. People like to take the easier way out with weapons, the road to peace is less travelled as it is difficult and treacherous. Although more often than not the road to peace is the one which has a finer foundation!
Dear Abhik,
Thank you for a very thoughtful comment. Guns may look like an easy answer but the answer they produce is only fleeting. Each person killed has someone who years to get even for the death. In many cases tribes have fought with each other for many generations. When brave people like you get educated about business and solving the challenges of life by working together we get closer to world peace. Slavery explains why people in power want to keep others in fear and poverty. They want chep labor to make them more wealth.
Peace is in ur heart ur mind So try to find it and u'll win the whole word! Be polite to everyone try to forgive and love everyone!
thank you to your answer you are right
good bless you
Yes, be polite to everyone. Love and forgive even the ones who refer to the people as "the common herd", and warn against "an excess of democracy". But do not let them think that you respect their offensive mindset.
Somewhere along the line, achieving peace requires civil disobedience and standing up against injustice. Else...
this is beautiful!
Dear Ngari, Individual peace comes to us through our relationship to the Universe. Then there is the peace we want for the world. This is a matter of people accepting others as friends instead of enemies. Peace and Harmony are the normal state we should be in. People in power benefit from fear. Dictators benefit by keeping most people uneducated. Proper education can remove much of the fear. When we discover our purpose we find renewed energy for life. It is easy to feel secure where I live in the USA. It is much more difficult in other parts of the world. If we look for what we have incommon rather than what is different we can build friendships.
Peace IS!

Peace starts in our own heart.

"Think positive, use positive words and do positive actions; that is a universal/christ Law".
To have peace inside you is the most difficult process. It requires lot of concentration, control over own self, acceptance of love and faith. You have to have faith on some one or thing which you consider superior. It may be your God, may be your friends, may be parents, may be children. I like the quote" Faith is like Generator, It gives you power when you are down'
I agree totally that we cant give, what we dont have. So before talking about world peace one has to have peace with himself. NO agitation, no hate, no jealousy, no bios. All creation is appreciated, love to all, equality to all, share your pleasure and peace with others before sharing your grieve.
So true. May you continue to grow in peace.
"All is Inside"

So deeply true, Ngari. Not easy but simple. It takes effort to find the peace within but yes, as you said, it can transform us and in doing so, the world changes, one by one.

Love and best,


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