A new kind of refugees in the Middle-East: the mepeace refugees.

Just a few words to your attention from a new kind of refugee: a refugee from mepeace, a so-called Middle-East peace forum, created some months ago by Eyal Raviv, an Israeli citizen, like me.

Since the creation of the mepeace website, many of its participants have been expelled by the founder of the site, without any further explanation, but obviously because they supported too strongly the Palestinian cause and were too critical of the Zionist ideology and Israeli policies.

But many other participants, vocal and agressive supporters of Zionism and Israel policies, can continue to participate to the mepeace forum without any hindrance...

As a result, very few Palestinians, and other Arabs or Muslims, participate to that forum, which is monopolized mostly by people systematically hostile to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian narrative.

I really hope that we will not encounter that kind of abusive and one-sided censorship here on the ipeace forum and that it will be possible to debate openly and frankly on all the important issues related to the problematic of peace in the Middle-East, in a honest and respectful way.

Have the mepeace refugees found a new and more friendly home on ipeace? Hopefully yes...

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Who is refugee?
Dear Shaul

I am not sure I agree with all you write above, I also am not clear why certain people were expelled from Mepeace, I tend to think it has nothing to do with their political view, but rather how shall put it right, behavior that the founder of Mepeace did not like, I definitely do not like this approach and that is why I am also here.

But I have a request from you and others, it huge site here superb, many dignified members, but it is peaceful and I like it as such.
I personally will very much appreciate if postings here are also aimed at creating discussions and not just highlighting one side in its ugly shape (whether it is the truth or not). If we start bringing here Mepaace debates and arguments, then we risk spoiling this site as well.

I am not sure how the management here will deal with it, and I am aware what I write to you is seen by all, you explained before your passion to reveal the truth about what is going on in Middle East according to your belief, but please do it if you need to, but in a manner that will not create Mepeace II, because you saw how certain people react.

We as users also have responsibility for the level of argument, the responsibility is not only with those who respond to what we write.
My 2 cents about the topics, and I will keep quiet now and observe
Dear Shaul

I fear this mepeace forum epitomizes the current stalemate in finding a solution to the actual ongoing Palestine/Israel problem..... another train to nowhere that no-one wants to ride .... sadly.
Thank you all for your comments.

Not that I agree with all of them, of course, but okay, let's open a new page here and I will try to behave like a good boy, as much as possible. It not only depends on me...

I just hope that I will not encounter here the same kind of agressive provocators that I did on mepeace. But my first impression of this new site is rather favorable.

However, my opinions will not change suddenly and maybe they will still be a bit hard to swallow for some of you, sorry. But let's discuss about them in a civilized manner.
Dear Mary,

but for weeks you cried that you expect yourself to be baned, you announced it so why didn't you kept this information?

this is sad loss no doubt
Folks - lets learn our lessons and move forward. I respect each of you so much - for very different reasons. Shaul - Eva - Mary - your passion and fearlessness are inspiring and I agree with you 95% of the time; Neri - I have learned a lot from your big picture perspective; Donna - your gentle spirit gives me hope - like a flowing river you quietly wear away the negative. Peace seeking / making takes all of us with our very different tools. You can not build and keep a home with just a hammer - but you do need one. I think we each are working to the same goal - A free Palestinian state. I know it is not happening fast enough, but if we just fight each other, we don't accomplish anything and they win. Let's learn from each other and assume good intentions - then get to work. What's next?
Thank you Cathrine,

I trully see as you that we are all in the same path and need to cooperate for manifesting our shared idea of A free Palestinian state as part of the common future we, who live in the middle east, have to create for sustainable peace that enable justice and freedom to all.
Thank you Mary and Eva for your excellent comments.

You speak my mind, so to say, in a much more convincing and articulate manner that I would ever be able to do.

Not surprising that for the mepeace sect we are the "infernal trio" :), to be banned at any price!...

We don't need to be convinced that the Palestinians have rights, that they are the innocent victims of the Zionist enterprise, that they suffer unjustly in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and that they are absolutely entitled to have an independent state of their own, on their own land, without conditions. Our main problem is not with the Palestinians/Arabs (most of them), but with the Israelis/Jews (most of them).

Peace can only be based on justice, and justice can only be based on truth. Therefore, we have first to seek the truth, all the truth, only the truth. Even of it is sometimes a bit painful for some people here and there...
Peace can only be based on trust, and trust can only be based on honesty. Therefore, we have first to seek the human honesty, all the human honesty, only the human core. Even of it is sometimes a bit painful for some people here and there...
Neri, eizo chutzpa! How do you dare to speak about honesty!!

Your behaviour and your speech are completely dishonest! Trust and honesty are based on truth too!

You are really Orwellian! More and more... But you will not be able to escape the truth indefinitely...
why did you wrote me this text?

You cannot stop me from commenting on your posts. Your posts offend me!

What is the link between (verbal) confrontation and guns?

And yes, I also shared with the world my reason for my allergy to guns: one of my best friends and my brother took their own lives with guns.

Neri, you must realize that here on iPeace you just cannot, really really cannot silence me. It's out of your reach. This is NOT your site! Got it?? IT IS NOT YOUR SITE, YOU DON'T DECIDED HERE!!

Luddite?! Do you really think that he knows the word? If it was the case, I would just call him a bastard!


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