A new kind of refugees in the Middle-East: the mepeace refugees.

Just a few words to your attention from a new kind of refugee: a refugee from mepeace, a so-called Middle-East peace forum, created some months ago by Eyal Raviv, an Israeli citizen, like me.

Since the creation of the mepeace website, many of its participants have been expelled by the founder of the site, without any further explanation, but obviously because they supported too strongly the Palestinian cause and were too critical of the Zionist ideology and Israeli policies.

But many other participants, vocal and agressive supporters of Zionism and Israel policies, can continue to participate to the mepeace forum without any hindrance...

As a result, very few Palestinians, and other Arabs or Muslims, participate to that forum, which is monopolized mostly by people systematically hostile to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian narrative.

I really hope that we will not encounter that kind of abusive and one-sided censorship here on the ipeace forum and that it will be possible to debate openly and frankly on all the important issues related to the problematic of peace in the Middle-East, in a honest and respectful way.

Have the mepeace refugees found a new and more friendly home on ipeace? Hopefully yes...

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Dir Mary,

when you write a comment on anyone wall it becomes a public.

big hug.

mary rizzo said:
Neri, did you post a private message from Eva publicly? One with such sensitive and personal material in it?

If you did, you are an absolute luddite.
Dear Mary,

Eva sent this to me in order to publish it, I just gave here a service.
I ask her why she posted this, and she never answer, while her husband call me a bastard

So I do not understand your hate and do not wish to communicate with you in such aggressive way that you do. Please find another victim for your attacks.

big hug

mary rizzo said:
So, what's the purpose of bringing it to the attention of all the people on this page? Why do you have to involve other people in a question that Eva was asking just to you?

and leave out the hypocritical dears and hugs, I just don't want them.

OH well... I just took a look at your page, and there are six comments, none of them from Eva, so what kind of false things are you pushing in trying to poison this well when you exerted all your energy in doing that on another venue and those who exposed it aren't going to stop it, on the contrary!

Go back to mepeace, where you belong, and just leave us in PEACE!!!


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