Not sure how many are familiar with the concept of micro loaning and micro credit
But hopefully you heard Muhammad Yunus who won Nobel prize for his activity

There is a wonderful site and service to help us do such loaning from the comfort of the keyboard. Look at
I have been lending money there for quite some time, always paid back and it is one more way of helping the needed.
I opened a group there for Ipeace, if you open (or already have) an account there, join the group and let us lend together.
If anyone joins Kiva, just drop a word here so we can follow
I am not sure how the team feature work there, I did it till now on personal level, but it will be fun to explore. If people join and lend then I will create a group here and we will report back what was loaned and to whom, it will be fun to follow.

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And bear in mind they have technical issue now, so we need to be patient
This is very cool, Roni.
Very nice.
What a brilliant idea. Thanks for letting us know about it.
group created on IPeace

Please join and lend
I created the group and will update there the total sum of our team loans (currently $50)
Hi all,

These loans are great! I first read about micro loans last year-- It is a wonderful way to help and what seems like a little bit of $ really does go a long way. Furthermore, the people are very good about repayment.
Indeed most people do have good intent and it only takes one to make a mellovahess of a good thing; nonetheless, I am inclined to agree to help those who are need financially-- MInd you, not that I have lots of bucks lying in wait as, I have recently encountered a cash flow issue myself due to circumstances beyond my control--mainly my 65 year young mother has become disabled. She is without any 401K plan or significant savings-- She was a housewife who held only a high school degree; therefore, most jobs she worked (after returning to the work force were not high paying positions with benefits). I am a part of that generation who will have to care for their parents I guess and I do so willingly.Have it good and may the light of all lights bless honest attempt to assist! Abiding Peace & Hope--
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