21st September: One Peaceful World-- A Poem by M.D. Taylor

. .that while she does not advocate violence she understands the painful
place from which it is born
that she has always loved people of all races
especially those who
have tried on a daily basis and for hundreds of years
to make her feel less than worthy
because of her skin color, her mixed heritage, her religious beliefs,
her sexual orientation and all the other "isms" that come
masquerading as America the land of the free---
that there is but One planet
and One God and that we must learn
to abide in peace here
before she or anyone else
shall ever see or return to that Source of unconditional love--
and if the pen is mightier
then let there be
a new day written into the history of the world as we know it--
a day which celebrates
the humanity of all peoples--
a day in which planet earth is not divided by borders,
customs, religion, race, and hatred
but a new day that is equally and eternally yoked
to the real birth of a new millennium
and the true secret of this poem
lies in hope for the masses yearning for world peace
in the year of our Lord 2008
may the compassion of peace find us as One
M.D. Taylor

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