For many the path to peace has been through suffering loss of loved ones or the observing of other's loss. Many have observed the loss of life at Lockerbie, 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, Ireland or the Middle East and been moved to join the peace movement. Others have come by differing routes. Although I have always been a peace lover it has been the profound effect of being a resident in Lockerbie on 21st Dec 1988 and again in loosing our daughter in 7/7 that has re-shaped my yearnings for peace. I have therefore included a few poems of loss in this section. Please feel you can add your own as well.

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And then the press!

Sorry to intrude…

Sorry to intrude
at a dreadful time like this
but I just wanted to ask
for an up-to-date image.
The one that we have
is old and black and white;
and it’s been used before,
and we think that our readers
deserve a better one.

Sorry to intrude
at a dreadful time like this
but we need to do an interview
with you both, you see;
an in depth resume
of what she was like;
some childhood stories
and a little later colour
Would be really nice.

Sorry to intrude
at a dreadful time like this,
but we are doing this spread
over two full pages see,
and we want some quotes,
about all current things,
if you would like to comment
upon the Middle East
that would be really good.

Sorry to intrude
at a dreadful time like this
but we are a magazine
with a big circulation
we feel it would help you
to talk it over with us
as talking is therapy
and we’ll only print a bit
and there’s money too!

Sorry to intrude
at a dreadful time like this
but we are really sorry
that this has had to happen
we’re sorry about your daughter
but our readers want to know
what sort of a girl
was she really like
and your name is?

Now hear this! All of you!
I have nothing to say to you
No Comment. NO COMMENT.
So get the Hell out of here
And respect my mourning space
Sonho de poeta

Clicia Pavan

Quando o vento secar as lágrimas das mães
Que perderam seus filhos nas guerras
e na violência sem culpar a pagar

Quando o sol aquecer o frio das almas cansadas
Das viúvas e das crianças abandonadas
que perderam a esperança de lutar
Quando o homem consentir trégua
as guerras e a intolerância religiosa

Sem palavras nem poemas
Um novo dia nascerá
E como fênix nas cinzas
o mundo renascera...

Porque o homem entendeu que não é Deus

O mar cantará a canção das ondas
nos lábios traremos um sorriso de paz

Seremos então todos iguais
sem esperas nem cansaços
Seremos humanos
Seremos irmãos
Dream of poet

Clicia Pavan

When the wind dried the tears of mothers
Who lost their children in wars
and blame the violence without pay

When the sun warm the cold of tired souls
The widows and abandoned children
who lost the hope of fighting
When the man agrees truce wars and religious intolerance

Without words or poems
A new day born
And as the world phoenix in the ashes reborn ...
Because the man felt that God is not

The sea sing the song of the waves
bring a smile on the lips of peace
We then all equal
without waiting or tiredness

We are human
We are brothers
Three Fine Flames are Gone

These three bright flames are gone
whose fires once warmed our lives
this world just cannot weep enough
for all this pain within your heart,
nor can we fathom why they went
why were these flames snuffed out.

The inconsolable tears of a father
for all this pain and grief, he’s lost
the three most wonderful flames
that brightened and blessed his life
and yet his tears are for us all
for this his loss is our loss as well.

These three gentle flames of Peace
blessed all they shone their light on
as three soldiers of a gentler march
whose message of peace could have
melted the hearts cast in cold hate
but now this message will not be told.

Gentle father as you stand weeping
feel all our arms upon your sleeve
for you are not alone by these graves
we are here, all of us, silent, bowed
and in the sudden stillness we breath
and recall these three daughters we lost.

Your grief is our grief, tears we share
for each time one of our kin is killed
it is ourselves that are diminished.
Cruel fate to have killed right now
and never to have known that peace,
these three flames had hoped to see.

David © 17th January 2009


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