This is a discussion starter, a premise intended to suggest, and to determine the feasibility of, a social movement campaign in either Palestine or Israel (which country is most likely to embrace this?) for the Mutual Right of Return. That is, for the people in both countries to embrace one anothers' rights of return simultaneously, with the details to be worked out through negotiations, conferences, etc.

The intention is for a grass-roots social movement to undercut the hardliners among all the parties and stakeholders. This sort of political premise or initiative was shown to work in the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign during the 1980s in the USA.

What do you think?

Please see this page for supportive background information.

"Randall Forsberg's proposal for a freeze on the development, testing and deployment of nuclear weapons emerged, in 1980, as an innovative master frame that stimulated a dramatic upswing in peace movement activity..A bilateral, verifiable freeze provided what many felt had been the missing ingredient: a simple but concrete solution to the nuclear predicament."

"The objective conditions -- such as global militarism, wars, and relatively unabated increases in nuclear weapons stockpiles, as well as structural conditions including …organizational infrastructures -- do not appear to have been any less facilitative of peace movement activity in 1975 than they were in 1980. What was lacking in the 1970s, however, was a resonant master frame, which was subsequently provided by the nuclear freeze campaign."

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