I'm a computer cowboy surfing the net
Chatting with the many friends that I have met
And travel to new places every day
Just to visit many countries far far away.

I sit at the old keyboard and away I go
To places I've never been and places I know
And enjoy looking back into history
To go back in time and enjoy the mystery
Of the thousands of years that have gone by
Still there to be seen by You and I.

I can travel the world and take a peek
At the many wonders of the world I seek
Finding the things I've only read in a book
Now I can go there to take a look.

My computer and I we ride the internet range
Where we can see the whole world change
Seeing the thing as they used to be
Some still waiting for you and me.

Time now to corral my Trusty old steed
This old boy a rest does now need
Having traveled many mile old Computer and I
We are now both ready for a little shuteye.

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