On our land and in all Nations
Greed and aggression, Man's domination
Threaten our lives with their in toleration
Of their brothers in foreign lands
The fate of our world lies in their Human hands.

In a race to beat Man's neighbor
Bombs created could destroy All nature
Why then must men strive to compete;
To see who can outdo the other Man's fleet?
Around the world this story unfolds
To ensure our safety,We are all told.

No arsenal of weapons will guard those we love
From Man's inhumanity to Man,the world is so full of,
So put down your weapons and open your heart
Of this world,we are All a part!

When I look upon the faces
Of all man from different races,
I see the children of one Mother
Brother and Sister we are to one another.

One world,One people
One dream of peace..
Is this a glimmer of hope,
For our human race?

* written by Leah DiMaria -(1980's) in part inspired by my sadness, fear as a Mother,as well as my anger at the stupidity of our world leaders, during 1st Gulf war- called "Desert Storm"

In 1993 this was recorded as a song. Lyrics by me,music ( acoustic guitar) by my ex -husband
Sean DiMaria . I edited & and left out the chorus,words written as Lyrics, so as to be written here as a combination of both a story & poem..that pours out my feelings about wars,weapons,governments,world leaders in general,fighting each other over senseless greed,racism,religion,fear and in tolerance! And in hopes that my words may inspire others to be more understanding, open minded and see that We are all One race, Human!

Over the years Sean & I performed this song for various events,groups and friends. I have the only copy of the original recording. I had hoped to have one of my many musician friends,ex boyfriends.. re record in better quality, adding percussion that the original lacked. Perhaps I will in the near future?
Peace and Love for all my Brothers and Sisters xx

Creative Commons License
A Cry for Peace by Leah DiMaria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0....

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Also, another reason I chose the word Man in representation of all humanity..look at the word its self
hu"man"ity to describe,name our species..hmmm wonder who came up with this term or word to name us?


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