A Peaceful Time, Thomas Kinkade

A Peaceful Time,by  Thomas Kinkade .

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Peaceful times we all need!  From your lips to God's ears, let our days be filled with peace.  As I write these words the TV is showing & the Internet is screaming that the Women of Cairo are in the Streets in Protest.  Will they have peace   tomorrow? I want to be an agent of peace, not a cause of conflect.  Cheers,  Teresa 


PS What you don't know yet  is that most people except my Mother, call me:  Terry.  I used to hate it, as I had a little boy named Terry as a child.....Now I answer to both. 

yes  i hope  so too  and peace filled the all  world not just  the women of  cairo ,

Mubarak and his  family  still lead  Egypt by using this  stupid  army  generals  ,this is the  reason behind  all  we have  from 11  of February till now

but  Egyptians  will never give up .

and i know you  are  peace agent  and peace maker  Teresa .

thank you  again


PS; i prefer  call you Teresa more than Terry

Now this is the kind of discussion friends have!  It's knowing we can express our viewpoints w/o judgment and yet hear the other person.  That is the kind of discussion we WERE having.  And BTW, I'm so tired that in my earlier message I said I had a little as a child named Terry. .   What I meant was my neighbors had a little boy named Terry  ....oops.    Thank you for preferring Teresa, as that is my name: Teresa Jean Elizabeth actually. My parents were Catholic and Catholics have three names.   Also, BTW, I just notniced the wonderful note, with coffee you sent my way this morning.  Thank you!  I was so busy today I didn't get coffee until 9:00 in the evneing which is part of the reason I am still awake. Or possibly because you and I are at odds, I am going on Egyptian time.  Peace,  Teresa

thank  you  Teresa, 

and  sorry if i were silly  today with  our  conversation  ,what the BTW  means ?

PS; Teresa  it sounds  as music on my ears .that is why i like it 


You were silly today & it was maddening.... I missed my wonderful new friend & all his wisdom!   I had sooo much to share with you for which I could have used your advice.  T hat's why we have friends, right?  The times I shsared with you before today were all carefree and childlike, which I looked forward to. 


BTW means --- By The Way.  It's Facebook slang.  Can we agree to not be silly any more....?


Peace Please,  Teresa

sorry  again dear, but  may be one  day  you  will know me better  and know that i may be silly some times  but  never  unopen  heart 

i can not promise  you to not be silly  after 5 minutes again .lol

peace. and ..

Now I understand.  I think?  If we want to chat now, how do we do it?

what  you understand .lol

Teresa plz  

you not American  .lol

just  put  this in google search    download  yahoo 

then you  get it  OK !!!

Only would I stay awake all night & download Yahoo twice....there is a problem Yahoo tells me in that I somehow had a previous account so it is locked right now.  Are you on Facebook?  If you are, you can ask to be my Friend and then we can chat on Facebook for now.  Is that OK?  Otherwise I have to work it out with Yahoo.   Is trouble your middle Name?  lol   What do you think?  Teresa

ok if u still have my  yahoo  then add  me on f b 

i do not know how to find you on fb 

it is ok Terry .lol

what is  trouble my middle Name? lol


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