A Street in Venice, 1882, John Singer Sargent

A Street in Venice, 1882, by John Singer Sargent.

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Now I want to go to Venice.  This is the essence of normal life there.   Have you been to Venice?  Now, what about out chat session?  I have a temporary problem with Yahoo Messanger as I signed up as a new user and supposedly I had a previous account.  Are you on Facebook or Gmail?  I am obessed with getting connected via chat, as it's such a challenge and it should not be.  What do you think?  Hugs,  Teresa

yes  you can  feel  that from narrow  street  and faces  of this  tow  people  and the  old wall too

it is  beautiful ,no i never been there ,you ?

it is  ok to chat on fb .no problem 

thanks  Teresa


Have you sent me an invite for FB?  Teresa   I am on Facebook now & have found you! 

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  long time  ago lol

really?  There are no new invitations in my inbox.  Did you enter: Teresa Moraska?  We are so near and yet so far.  Just like Cairo and Washington DC?  What's our next course of action.  lol  Teresa

do not be  impatient now  lol

next  step  is warm  bath lol

You're only teasing me!  lol

no  i teasing  my  self in  fact .lol

  Could you please either use FB or ipeace butr not both. lol  You are confusing a very sleep deprived woman who is half naked.  :)  Teresa

hii Teresa,

sorry  electricity cut off for  long time  so i went to sleep and i just back now .

well why we can not use both .fb and ipeace .lol

you still  half  naked till now ;)


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