Hello Facebook myspace ipeace and youtube freinds

The mission of this cause is not to collect money but to gather interest and participation around a very powerful idea. The establishment of a
world peace fair. I am making videos to explain the this concept and it is on youtube. I will add more.
I am looking for thinkers, activists, artists, photographs bloggers musicians poets and dreamers to join in a potent action for world peace and justice.
I would like to offer an idea as a starter to a discussion forum I am starting.
I will be making this groupe on facebook named brainstorm

Have you ever been to a Renaissance fair? These happen all over the USA with big states like NY and Texas both having 2 each. They last up to 10 weeks where every weekend the fair opens to thousands of patrons. They are usually done in rural or suburban areas where fields or another natural setting and people enjoy many different entertainers from Shakespeare to old medieval choirs and clowns and jugglers. Merchants of crafter artisans sell their creations and the atmosphere is very sweet.
Or a folk festival. There is one I have gone oh so many times called the Kerrville folk music festival it is a gathering of the soul of singers song writing and creativity. It goes on for 18 straight days! There is a big main stage a secondary theater in the camping area and tons of venues ranging from camp cuisine to camp stupid. Not to mention the singer songwriters workshops and the continuous music and wonderful experience that it is.
There is the Clear-water festival done for the cleaning up of the Hudson river a project done by Pete Seeger as the original voice.
There are many more. Wonderful soul tempering such things including the Rainbow gathering which is entirely free. A concensus based mouvement called the rainbow family. Where freedom anarchy caos and bliss dine with the laws of chance and necessity.
I also would like to mention that the very first renaisance faire was a fund raising event done for the beneffit of KPFA the Berkeley station of radio pacifica and it's original station which brings us Amy Goldman and democracynow!

So imagine now a world peace festival. Let me paint the picture nice. I am talking of a festival with music from all over the world. Theatre from all over the world. Art cinema as well as information kiosks for causes that espouse the vision of peace and justice for people.
I am also talking of a vast internet with video links and what ever tecnologie has to offer to permit people all over the world to tune into what is happening at the festival it'self when it happens but also keeps the connection alive. How? By having a democratic flow of ideas, By having members of the world peace festival to be able to input democratically with forums and polls the movement.
For example let us say we have an emplacement in the state of NY or in a fifty mille radius of Montreal Quebec that would permit 200 craft artisans to have booths and that could hold up to 20,000 people. Now imagine that people all over the world are also tuned in because their artists are part of it or they have a information kiosk or they are fans of a special musician and mostly because they love the atmosphere of peace and justice.
The forums and the ideas represented in the forums would be the guidelines.
A festival of laughter and beauty married with awareness.
Finally a plan where people all over the world that are ready to pitch into and invent a culture of bridges and empowerment,
So I would like to invite you to a circle of words and ideas with me and to invite the friends you know would like to be par of it.



please spread the word.

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Hello there Serge. good to hear from you again, i think this is a wonderful idea, a lot of hard work to bring it together, you would need a small army of dedicated people, but i would like to see something like this take off. I would be willing to contribute poems if you thought they were relevant. Please keep me posted of how this shapes up. Many bright blessings and lots and lots of good luck to get this off the ground. The Universe is behind you i'm sure. Whitefeather xxx
Hello Serge,...Charlie here,.....Thanks for the feedback...I have explored the URLs you provided here. I have joined forces with this new group to help bring about An Eternal Peace Around The World!

Please keep me posted as to options...
Hi Serge: It is good to hear from you again! You must have worked very hard to put this all together. I can't possible make the trips to the festivals - for various reasons...
But I am willing to help out anyway I can - like with Bloging. You already know I'm a writter; so I can blog anything you want, just tell me what. My History of WAR and what the Taliban are up to now - anything.
Just keep me posted and I'll be here.

Been along time. FROM YOUR FRIEND: LYNN SHEDLER (Facebook and the original iPEACE)!!
Cool Lynn yes blog all you can. Its really nuts.


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