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Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ May 11 – 18, 20112
Channeled by: Julie Miller
May 11, 2012



I AM the task master that is commonly known as ‘The Disciplinarian’. When you call for my presence into your lives, understand that I AM a direct and stern master. There is no cushioning of any truths with me. My path is of purity and when we get to work together, Purity is what will also be found and mastered into your everyday life.


When we do work together in an area of your journey that requires my aid, I will not sit idly and allow any of you to up and leave a crisis or circumstance just because you do not like it. I will stand with you, encouraging you to discover that courage that has always been a part of you and you will stand up and face and conquer your own selfish mind and inexperienced energy and you WILL learn to discipline your own consciousness in the way of not reacting to the outbursts and immaturity of others even when you learn not to be subjugated or swayed by the temptation to react to the situation that is trying to present itself to you. When you are able to master these qualities, then you will begin to learn the many splendid transformational secrets of the Tree of Life. When you have finally grown tired of the many desires of the world that has had your attention for so long and you have managed to successfully subdue your passions and oppositions, surrendering only to be still and know you are the Creator of your existence.


When you are able to do this in perfect form, then you will find yourself moving up higher in your ascension. When you have finally ascended into the higher realms of your consciousness you will discover freedom, peace and harmony. Until such time occurs dear ones, you are encouraged to continue working with great effort to fulfill your divine plan. Spend the time learning the lessons that have been brought to you. Even in this transmission there are lessons to be learned.


You have been watching and learning and understand there is always a succession of happenings that commands the manifestation of events. Do not ask the “Whens” or “What specific date”. You must prepare for any event as if it will be happening tomorrow to ensure you are prepared for the imminent changes. This is an awakening that I am speaking of here dear ones and it’s of the approaching indisputable comprehension that your dear planet is not alone in the starry universe and is part of an extraterrestrial community. The beings of the various cosmic galaxies and star systems have come at this time to aid in the awakening of the sleepy and limiting state your minds have lingered in for quite some time.


There are several explanations for the current order of events at this time. One of the most important reasons is that your planet has been ill cared for and the lack of care given by many of you to the Earthly planet you call home is very weak. Every time there is an act to destroy any part of your Earth, the negative thoughts and actions affect the entire planetary community. Remember dear ones, ALL is connected. Many do understand this concept and idea and there are many dear souls that go out of their way to help the Earth, but there are still many who sit back and do nothing because they know or feel someone else will do it. You must not allow this kind of disgrace to continue. Learn what you can do that will be helpful to the Earth, become knowledgeable instead of remaining ignorant. You will find a sense of Self-Satisfaction when you can convince yourself that it loving the Earth is a good thing. As a member of your planet’s community, each of you are responsible for its care and treatment. It will uncomfortable for some dear souls to step outside of their selfish reality; know this dear ones YOUR Earth needs you. Your thoughts, actions, inactions and consequential effects on your world requires responsible action and thoughtfulness.


The time of awakening is already upon you. There is no waiting, just discovering. For those who are waiting for the beloved Jesus Christ to return, understand that Christ has already returned and He is inside each of you. Part of your awakening is the joy in discovering your Christ-Self. There are many who have ignored their awakening because they think someone else can provide the answers they require. You must discover this yourself as it is YOU. How can anyone tell you about you? They can only offer you slips and bits of guidance, but it is you that must learn who the Self of You truly is. You do not receive much of personal growth dear ones if you do not make the effort. Through the journey of self-discovery opening the lid of truth you will learn how to discern what is true for you. When learning what your truth is and what you value to be true, you will not force your truth on anyone else. Each of you comes with your own set of truths. Each of you has so much to share; the practice of appreciation is encouraged by all people involved. There is never any need to ridicule behind another’s back after you helped them. Respect, compassion and love is required to learn well dear ones.


I would like to take a moment to remind you dear ones in regards to family and friends. When you offer guidance through messages, teachings and articles and then these people who are close to you do not listen, my must eventually come to understand that you cannot do this learning for them or make them understand. Each dear soul has agreed prior to this life they must go through each and every experience of learning and ending certain cycles of behaviour on their own. Please honour them for their choices and understand that each blunder they make in judgment will provide insight into what they are required to confront and overcome in the way of self-forced restrictions. Understand dear ones NOT everyone will meet the upcoming transition at the same time. Each of you will reach ascension when you are meant to and after succeeding the perfecting of yourself in every action, thought, spoken and written word, feelings, and all that illustrates you. By knowing this, I ask you to also realize that every step you take is preparing you also for your next life. Understand if in your current existence if ascension does not occur for you, know you are bringing yourself closer when you take your next life. Don’t fret over the journey to ascension dear ones. Remain focused on your learning and structuring your foundations, expanding your consciousness, and perfecting your external and internal vehicles. Ascension will come that is the truth, just don’t be putting on an expected date, allow it to come naturally and enjoy the sensations move throughout your entire mind, body and spirit. You cannot rush this part of your journey. There are too many lessons to be wholly understood first and they all include YOU.


You can prepare yourself through the challenges that you will face and be confronted by, be it a dying relative, a separation from a dear friend, maybe a romantic liaison has ended, and others that you have already experienced are there to prepare you and to help you overcome each and every new obstacle that will develop and meet up with you. The more you look at each challenge with a positive attitude the less overwhelmed and grief stricken you will become. In the deepest part of your heart realize that all your experiences of our soul are truly infinite and each experience is part of the endless cycle of your soul’s journey.


We will prepare to close our discussion. As a heads up, we will continue this transmission and discussion in a few days. Our vessel today is under a full trance is combating a sleep state. I do appreciate her for allowing me to step through today, and I wish for you to know I love each of you.


I AM Serapis Bey through Julie Miller      

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