An Israeli soldier has been killed and three others injured in a bomb attack on their patrol near the border with Gaza

I think we are getting closer and closer to yet another round of violance:

"This is a severe terrorist attack. It cannot be accepted, and we will respond," Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak was quoted as saying by a military spokesman.

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No, every person has every right to hate me.
But if a person hates me and terrorizes me, he cannot later cry out to the world and say - I hate the guy and will kill him if I have the chance - so why is he attacking me and not letting me arm myself and prepare properly.
I think this is hypocracy.

Also, someone hating me is one thing - educating others to hate me, including his children, is another. If publicly spoken words spur hate, I think we, citizens of the world, should condemn it. I think the world should not tolerate violance of any sort - first state this is unacceptable, and then try to understand why - if not, then we acctually state it is acceptable.

I will never say to my child: "I understand that you turn violant because you are angry", but rather "You should not be violant, lets try to see if the issue could have been resolved in a different manner".

I love the line.."..., someone hating me is one thing - educating others to hate me, including his children, is another."

Emmanuel Levinas teaches us that man is totally responsible to his other man..(and therefore has no rights over him..So we do not have a right to tell him not to hate us..) BUT when there is a third man whom we are responsible..(the children, neightbors, etc) then the idea of justice enters. There is obligation to introduce LIMITS of my Obligation to the Other...I am now obligated to society and not to that one guy who hates me.. Society and Life demand that we stifle hate- in order to perserve more lives.
Well Sissy, thank you for the history lesson ...
You missunderstood me, I'm not complaining nor whining and thus not need your pity, just stating facts that you so easily choose to disregard.

Do you know why Israel was established? What was its goal and what is the history of the conflict with its neighbours? Do you know the history of the Jewish people? I'm sure you do but why would you care? Caring for one side is easier, taking one side is the easiest path.

Yes they are your children, you are more than welcome to use your children as tools (of war or any other tool you need) if you'd like - to me, that makes you less human. And when you use this right of yours, you loose the right to cry out of anger/hate when they die. Instead you can thank your god for giving them the right to die as "shahids", and tell the media that you want all your children to die this way to get a better afterlife.
This is for you to make the choise for your children. When I choose what to teach my children, I try to think what will be best for them (not for me), but that is me - you probably think differently.

I sorry to tell you, but for me as a human being nothing justifies shooting rockets at civilians or sending suicide bombers in populated areas etc.

By the way, Israel does not want the world to pay for everything nor asks for any help - I think that the good people of the world (and some Israelis among them) are the ones who want to help rebuild a better life for the palestinians.

There have been so many arguments here about these issues, no need to repeat. If you already taken your side it would not matter anyway.

So this is (partially) my truth, and very different from yours as you can see.
Now my truth comes from living in Israel and reading and discussing this issue with many people with different views. Where is your truth coming from?
Oh ok, no history then, maybe a practical approach?

OK so lets talk about the present:
- A jewish state is a present need, not a past need.
- Arab nations not accepting Israel's existence is a present fact.
- Palestinian leaders educating and stating that Israel has no right to exist, and that it is god's will to kill as many Israelies as possible.
- Iran's working towards achieving nuclear and stating in every chance that Israel will cease to exist.
Now what should I get over with? Close my eyes and not see these threats?

And regarding children's education, do you see the difference in attitude between "absolving Israel from all wrong" and an attitude of learning not to just blame others but to take responsibility for your life and look for solutions (hint: children dying a martyr's death should not be an acceptable solution)? But I know, this is all crap to you. Blame is what our existence is all about, if something is wrong with our lives it is always the government or the rich people or the enemy.

Regarding donations, I get requests to donate many times - what's wrong with that? And how do you link between this website owner and "Israel"? He is a guy with an agenda and his own thoughts. If you don't like his attitude you are welcome to tell him that, and this has nothing to do with Israel expecting anything.

Regarding the lives of the palestinians and the measures taken by the Israeli government to secure as much as possible nomal life for its citizens, this was not always the case - this happened after escalations in violance (of both sides) but you don't care about history as you said, so no need to mention that, right?

Yes I think you have taken sides - I think you look for the poorest and side with them? So it is not related to Israel, but to what triggers your heart (we all do that).

And I want to say I am sorry:
- I am sorry that Israelies where able to create a succesfull society and that we built everything from scratch.
- I am sorry that instead of focusing on how to defeat our enemies we have build a society that works hard and manufactures.
- I am sorry that my life is better than others - my life should be as shitty as other people around me.
- I am sorry that the palestinian leaders took so much money they got from everywhere around the world and instead of building a better life for their people, took the money for themselves.
- I am sorry that I am not helping with everything I have to all the needy people in the world, not just the palestinians, but people in africa, america and asia - sorry to be living in a capitalistic world.
Israel to blame for everything?

And you get the you don't live here, because you don't seem to care and not want to understand that when sitting in my "lush" cafe, it is the crappiest feeling to look over your shoulder everytime another person goes into it, or when sending childer to school, you need to know they arrived safely and are not being bombed by a suicidal fanatic. This is why you get the "you don't live here" and not because I "ran out of excuses".
This is the only way I can explain the "I don't care, get over it" attitude of yours. Because I teld to believe people are cary and compassionate.
This is why I as an Israeli, still cry when seeing pictures of children educated to hate and to die, or when seeing interviews with fathers and mothers who state that they are willing to have all their children die a martyr's death.

And finally, regarding "truth is buried, hidden in Israel and only accessible to Jews", there are more than just Jews here in Israel and truth is definitly not buried, but if you disregard peoples emotions like hate and fear and disregard history - you disregard "truth" as I see it.
So "'the truth is in the eye of the beholder".
1. from indymedia. Where you getting information ?
2. see about 200 UN declarations on the land (and sea ) ownership (info:UN)
3. well for private business is always better to accept your partners ...
4. Knesset election ff. Uri Averny calcuted 150 dead palestianian for 1 seat won by Livni Barak-coalition - good price ?
no accusations - just quoting UN, ICRC or home-grown sources
Thanks for your answer ...

1. Regarding my sources, mainly wikipedia, for example here is the link about indymedia:
"Indymedia has a variable reputation, both amongst its users and outside critics. While some criticize Indymedia for adopting a position hostile to the interests of capital, others believe that this is the purpose of the media. Still others believe that its editorial policy on feature selection and hiding or deletion of articles is overly biased in certain topic areas, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some critics argue that since anyone can publish with little to no editorial process, unsubstantiated allegations and conspiracy theories are often published as fact, along with inaccurate articles and content that can offend"

2. Can you please provide a link? This is new to me. Nevertheless now with everything still negotiated (there is no palestinian state yet, hopefully soon)

3. LOL I see your point, nevertheless these private businesses invested/risked lots of money in those drills so it is like claiming for a treasure someone else found I think ...

4. I don't think this is going to help them, according to polls the Israeli public are now following for parties that call for lesser tolerance to terrorism and violance from the palestinian organizations (you see, Livni and Barak are considered tolerant and public opinion in Israel is that this operation was a must since the government has to protect its citizens following the rockets etc. you probably know the history of the conflict as well as I do) - so I think it is going to get worse before it gets better. So if Livni or Barak are re-elected it is a good sign for the peace process, means people in Israel did not loose hope yet. But even if the other party is elected (Likud by Netanyahu) it does not mean they will not try to proceed with the talks, it will just be a harder road since they cannot disregard the public opinion of the majority of Israelies and the western world.

for 2 its
or your favourite wikipedia; un resolution cercerning israel
Since "one soldier has been killed"..there have been more and more things happening jeopardizing the cease fire..
There have also been things that have not happened (Hamas and PLO reconciliation)...
The future looks bleak..unless this is all just noise before an actual agreement this week (as the Egyptians claim)

Israeli public does not like Grad missiles landing in the center of Ashkelon...
Hey Carlos,
I'm just wondering: maybe the two of you are talking abut different things. 1. There is the gas field "Tamar 1"- which is located 90 km from Haifa shore (possessed by Ishak Tshuva). Lebanon demand possession there just because of greediness\to satisfies Hezala supporters. 2. There is another gas field- which is located parallel to Gaza. The second one possessed by "British gas"& they have concession from the Palestinian authority who govern by Mr. Abbas. Therefore- the Hamas doesn’t get a sent out of there. Is that the gas field you have mentioned?
well,let's discuss the conflict in global way not as pieces,without that we can not see the logical way.any humain being can bear any thing but hurting his, dignity,identity,children,nation.palestinians fight to save these things.they do not fight to occupy a neighboring country, they do not dream to create an empire.when israel close all entrance of Gaza,and keep Gaza people diying slowly, what israel wait from them?to go pray and wait some miracle from sky to save them! i think they have no choice but to fight,many accords made with israel what they get from that?their independance? no thing.israel have all keys, to peace and keys of wars.
i hope you dont find this unrelated but i have been checking out some maps of the middle east and most of them do not contain the word palestine not even palestinian occupied territory, most of the atlases used in british schools are the same, what are they trying to teach the children?, that palestine never was or that palestinian people do not exist. i think it may be time to take action on this and reach the teachers to make sure children are not brought up in ignorance. in my atlas which is a readers digest one that i though would be reliable there no mention of palestine occupied territory. can anyone comment to this and tell my where i can get a proper atlas?
bravo,robert!you should be elected!your ideas are coming from a sound mind!thank you for sharing!


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