An Israeli soldier has been killed and three others injured in a bomb attack on their patrol near the border with Gaza

I think we are getting closer and closer to yet another round of violance:

"This is a severe terrorist attack. It cannot be accepted, and we will respond," Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak was quoted as saying by a military spokesman.

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I am quite saddened how quickly this discussion turned to such negative and some nasty remarks...if we here on iPeace can not have discussions for PEACE and understanding, then how can anyone expect governments,military and entire nations to turn from hate and war to Peace?.. acceptance,tollerance,understanding and Love?? Yes, this is a difficult topic,with many trying to understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Laying blame is not the answer here. I do have my own opinions, facts, an activist/advocate for Peace&Social Justice for 19yrs. now. I am not the "do nothing" type of person. My heart goes out to ALL affected by this conflict/war..all lives lost,torn apart and suffering. I have not written any blogs on the subject due to the nature of sensitivity of all those "LIVING" this nightmare! and All those who seem to think that laying blame will achieve any good. Instead, why can't we simply give love and understanding to those who are suffering and in pain from all the deaths and horrific conditionns in which the Palestinian & Israli people are living each day? Help in some way? STOP the argueing on who is to blame,'cause there is plenty to go achieves nothing but continueing to seperate us ALL from our brothers and sisters..We can "debate" who is right and who is wrong, politics,religions..or we can embrace our differences and support each other, Love each other,including those we feel driven to despise for their actions. It IS very difficult for me to not respond with the"blaming" as well, I am well educated on the long history of Israili/Palestinian conflict..I CHOOSE not to give more fuel to the anger and outrage felt by so many(and myself) about all the atrocaties done and being causes me a great deal of pain. I choose instead to give Love and any aid I possibly can. Please,Please put aside your disagreements and show some respect for each other.
In Peace and Love
What you said here is a real blessing. I see as you do that all parties in this terrible situation are suffering and that blame laying will never end the wars and atrocities to either parties living in the terrible conflict.

Wars remind me of children that squabble, only it is on a life threateningly horrible level of intensity. Squabbling children always blame one another for whatever it is they are disagreeing over, and then try to draw their parents into their disagreements and make the parents be the referees, with each child wanting the parents to side up with them and their way of thinking. I found that there was never any victory or peace when as a parent you sided with one child over another no matter what you perceived as the more accurate view of the situation. I see countries and peoples at war in the same light. If, as a parent, you sided with either child it only perpetuated the fighting because the child that you did not side with would become even more angry, more set in their belief that they were RIGHT, and it only escalated the fight to an even higher notch, and then all of a sudden you have perpetuated an US versus THEM situation, and still have no end to the original conflict so it just continues and escalates and then retaliations occur and on and on it goes...... (WAR).

That is why my two frequently squabbling boys learned from an early age that I would NEVER side with either one of them and that is was EXPECTED of them to settle their disagreements between themselves in a diplomatic and nonviolent fashion, and that I would not TOLERATE their fighting, hitting or other angry, noisy or disruptive ways, nor would I in any way step in to intervene. EVER. They knew there would be consequences to their fighting for BOTH of them such as loss of priviledges, early bedtimes, more chores, etc. for BOTH of them. I started this policy from the first time they argued in life (which was shortly after birth, lol) and they quickly learned my rules. It was amazing how over the years they learned to comprimise with one another because they knew it was mutually adventagious for both of them not to fight. I use this as an analogy because that I think is the answer to stop adult wars.

My theory is (and don't laugh at its simplicity....) that war or any type of violence should NOT be allowed EVER, for any reason. PERIOD. Not for religious principles, not for land and border disputes, not for ANYTHING. There should be ENTIRE HUMANITY laws enforced that prohibit the doing of any physical violence for ANY reason. It would never be allowed for groups of people to band together on opposing sides to inflict violence on another opposing group (i.e., a WAR). Instead each act of one human hurting another should be dealt with and punishable as an individual case just like any other person committing an act of violence in society in a non war situation. There should be NO justification for wars PERIOD, no rights, no wrongs, no siding with either side, no other countries coming to the defense of one side over another, and certainly no FUNDING of war either...That simple!

Any one at all who would hurt or kill anyone else no matter who or why should be separated from the rest of the humans not killing or hurting on another until they can prove that they would no longer hurt or kill another. If they mess up and do it again, back they go. It should be a place where education of how to resolve conflict without violence is manditory to be taught and enforced. It should be a place where there is also safety for each violent person from one another until all learn that violence will not be allowed, there should be loss of privileges for any signs of violence against one another. Each person should be treated in a nonviolent and humane manner there, with separation from the populace as the solution for stopping violence. I totally do not believe in capital punishment because this too does not teach non violence, nor do I believe in any type of physical punishment such as waterboarding, whipping, gassing, hanging, lethal injection, electric chair or any violence whatsoever. To condone any kind of physical or mental violence as a punishment FOR violence is not a viable salution and is just plain STUPID, it only instills more hostilities and does not teach peace. Nor does a death sentence rarely if ever stop anyone from killing another for that matter, because killing is just ignorance of other solutions to conflict and a definite mental problem. Those issues should be dealt with in the place that the offenders are placed and kept. I could go on and on about my theories on how this place of separation should be operated and my theories for stopping violence and instilling peace on earth, but I will spare you for now. I will work on it and continue my theories for solutions and share as I go along. I hope you do not think of my ideas as ramblings of a lunitic but if you do feel free to tell me so (respectfully of course).

I love you all, and thank you for listening.

You are most welcome Dear yifat shaik :-) and Sissy,am not sure if your "amen to everything you wrote" was a response to my post or someone else? Peace and Love to ALL


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