From Mrs.Tatiana A Kostanian... To You Daton
Sent 18 hours ago
Your kindness and generosity of words is warmly appreciated. I don't go far or have the privilege of meeting many in person. I do what I can do in pleading for life, justice, equality, no violence no excuse not to do our best, in the time we have left. I now know this all the more for I am on life support (dialysis) with no match. But no matter, we must always seek to do our best, speak our best and join together for the betterment of our universe and for ALL life not just for some.

Too many lives have died for us to drop the ball and not do our best to keep alive Democracy. With Freedoms that belong to all human kind. I don't know if you have heard about the event I am trying to put together and ask many people from around the globe to join me in..Called "Walk and Roll in The Name of Freedom". This year our focus is for Tibet and appropriately named.."Walk and Roll for Tibet". It is for the lives of people..Too fragile who are unable to leave their homes, beds..To bring attention to those whose lives..Are incarcerated by nations, leaders, evil persons.. NOT supportive of our inalienable rights, freedoms, laws. If there are those unable to 'Walk or Roll'.. It is asked for a family member, child, partner, neighbor, communities, houses of faith, schools, etc. To walk for them or a community which is in harm's way.

I am hoping to pull this together May 24, 2009 8:00am..To walk on the Path of Freedom..A barrier free Path here in the San Francisco Presidio - Golden Gate Promenade called Crissy Field. I am endeavoring to put a program together after. I have no funding, only this heart felt need to have and hold this as a yearly event. Hopefully there are others who will think this to be of good purpose. I would love it if you would be able to join us and offer a poem or two. Well, that's what I do, not too much, but something to at least say I did not go home to die..But remain involved to the end to fight for freedom, democracy, justice, faith. God Bless,

An Open Poem dedicated To Mrs. Tatiana A. Kostanian

So many Angels and Messengers in my brief life have
Passed through..But they all pale..Just a little in
Such a comparison to you..When I came across your
Precious words to me said..My humbled heart chose to
Kneel at your much wiser feet instead..

For thy grace is immense as the ocean is wide..Thy
Heart has greater capacities..Whole cities can fit in
With room to spare so comfortably inside..Thy love
Knows no fences in which it can be safely bound..Thy
Compassion uncommon so rare..No match yet to be

I approach you with words that come from a heart..By you
so kindly touched..Whose true meaning cannot ever be well
described..For to me these words of yours mean so much..
I would view your friendship with me as an affectionate Son..
Does for a very dearly beloved Mother..For truly one such
as you..Are so easily like no other..

So tis I My Dear Lady that is now your biggest admirer
And surely a lifelong fan..For I am so truly humbled to
Be greeted by you now and called your friend..For I will allow
My love filled words..To embrace you as Long as they
and I most certainly can..

You mentioned to me a very Special Project..You
Shared that you said was very near and dear to
Your blessed heart..You called it the "Walk and
Roll for Tibet" To be held in May on the 24th 2009..In
San Francisco's Presidio Golden Gate Promenade..and
Park..Your simple request of me was a Poem from which
I might to you so impart..For you My Dear I have
Already asked of My Creator..For just a tiny part of
Your vast Loving very generous and caring Heart..

With as much Love from me..As I am allowed to give
If I could only grant to you my very life..So that you
Might in time continue to fight..Your fight..For My
Dear you truly have so much more..To give to others
While you continue to breathe..The Divine Breath of
Life..and still yet have..The burning fire of desire to live..

My very gracious thoughts and prayers to a friend..
From one son humbled by the seed of your humility..
And your very loving words..So gently placed in my
Heart..Shall always remain buried within..Until they
Are by me now..So reluctantly released to be heard..
For they speak so eloquently of you my dear Friend..

From My Army of Angels and Messengers..We now
Shall release A Thousand Blessed Words as Peace
Doves..To help Spread your Vision Your Compassion
As they shall circle this world with Your Love..Shared
Wisdom Kindness and Words..Sent to each of us by
You and Our most benevolent Creator within and above..

With all my Love Lady Tatiana Your Friend and now
informally adopted Son

If anyone would like to help Tatiana fulfill her dream and vision in any way..Please contact her via email at: (while money is helpful a kind heart with skill and just as grateful)

A Message of thanks and an affirmation of permission from Mrs. Tatiana A. Kostanian dated January 16th 2009 8:25pm

I would love people from across the globe. To offer to be a lead person in their city. To join together with us and offer a MHONA 'Walk and Roll for Our Peace Freedoms and Our Rights'. This year 2009, it will be 'A Divine Walk in Spirit for Tibet'. We ask people this year 2009 to donate to MHONA. We will send these donations on to India. To his H. H. The Dalai Lama. To give and use it where His Holiness feels it will be best needed and welcomed.

Of course the ongoing project for MHONA is to remove Barriers and Change lives. Our Goal and Aim for those who are willing to join with us. To make a difference in someones Life with a serious disability. Ongoing efforts will be made to provide a barrier free Internet Portal site for MHONA that will welcome all disabled lives and help them navigate the Internet.

These projects are to welcome those who have been left out of most of society. To tell them, they are wanted, needed, loved and remain in our lives and hearts. We cannot continue to push away those with Serious Disabilities. Hiding them away from sight after they have worked loved and shared. So much through their earlier years. To make our cities, our communities, and our lives safer for these democratic values. So those who are now young today can enjoy the direct fruits of their labors. Surely for One day, one moment in time. We can offer our thanks to bring them again into the Sun's Light and the folds of Humanity. Standing with and beside them in a public place. Pledging to them and all of our children. That we will make sure the rights and the freedoms they once fought and died for. Will remain their just due.

As President-Elect Obama has stated, 'we are one' and that is how I have always felt this about citizens of all ages globally. I want to plan with real hearts and minds, as Futurists Daton; but who of the earth will pledge and help this to become a living action of healthy accords? Yes peoples of simple belief and faith, nothing less!

I have started to reach out these past years from the Internet but for me it is time to go slow. I don't think most people, or our youth understand. The importance of such a stance today. Or the pledge that comes directly from the people, for the peoples, by the people. Not from political leaders nor nations..

From your lovely posting I believe you do believe in me and feel this is of goodness and purpose. I thank you for your care to support and assist. I was told the other night to do two things:#1 To pray for this event to become a reality and # 2 To envision it all transpiring. With just average citizens and our youth hearing the call. Then joining together to make it happen. I am praying round the clock and hoping. That I may see this event as it transforms lives, communities, and Our cities. By allowing the recipients to know, it will continue to be a yearly event. Until all lives are free to join and "Walk and Roll" with us, in the name of Freedom. Most importantly all lives denied their rights and freedoms.

You have my permission to share your poem and our information. I have never had anyone in my life offer me any poem let alone share it. I almost wish I was invisible Daton. Because I don't want to be centered on. I just wish it were more of it a poem about the wonderful people and youth of the globe. Who need validation and an ode if you will for and to their lives. So sorry, I am very clumsy when it comes to accepting such a wonderful gift as yours. Of course peoples' of the globe should read all your poetry and the sentiments. Feelings and care you write about Humanity. It is so beautiful. I am again so very privileged to know and meet you.

If you have any other thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to share it with me. Welcome aboard Son..!!! : ) Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.You are giving me hope so I can continue to pass it on to others. God Bless you Daton.

Sincerely, your friend,
MHONA International
Mrs.Tatiana A. Kostanian

P.S. So sorry I am not a writer or as proficient as you or grammatically correct, but i'm trying : )

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