ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: Hollow Earth, Crystalline Grid, Photon Belt

E) ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS. 1) On the question “what exactly is the crystalline grid”, the answer is: The crystalline grid is an energy grid that surrounds the Earth (which is regarded as a gigantic crystal of the form of a normal hollow dodecahedron) and consists of 12 main nodal points of high energy, which bring together major energy lines, and of 144 secondary nodal points which bring together secondary energy lines (see diagram in the above image) as well as of tertiary. It is called crystalline, because the energy, for each focal point (primary or secondary), comes from crystals located inside the Earth which crystals in turn take additional energy from the large crystal at the core of the Earth which is the '' Central Sun'' of the Earth. This network exchange (gives and also receives) energies with all the “kingdoms” (living or inorganic) of the planet. The main points are (in order of importance) in Giza in Egypt, in Nepal in Lhasa, and in Hawaii (over the ancient capital of Lemouria). Also in the Americas in Mexico City, in Venezuela and Peru. In Europe, in mountain Olympus in Greece and in the East in the Persian Gulf, in Japan, in Australia and in the Pacific Ocean. Many of the ancient temples and monuments are built (as a rule) in the locations of the nodal points (even tertiary), where energy is concentrated, so if you check the distances between them (and I checked with Google Earth for Greece), you will see that they are generally on the three angles of isosceles triangles. These points are also time-space portals. For those who happens to live in these places the meditation will be much more effective, because of the high energy there. Note that a corresponding crystalline grid of focal points exists also on the inner Earth surface, i.e. the “Hollow Earth”, and on these points have been built the crystal cities of the Hollow Earth (see a summary about the Hollow Earth in the next paragraph 3).

2) In the question “what exactly is the photon beam”, the answer is: Photons come from the collision of electrons and positrons that their mass is converted into light energy, the photons. Since the creation of the galaxy a “photon belt” is visiting our solar system every 13,000 years. The next visit will be in 2012 and the extraterrestrials will take care that its intensity will not be dangerous for life on earth. On the contrary, during our contact with this multi-dimensional and of very high frequency beam, the veil that prevented us to remember our previous reincarnations as well as to become “fully conscious beings” will fall, and this will accelerate our transition to the fifth dimension, while the beam will revive us, we fill us with energy and will rejuvenate us, so that (under certain conditions) to live as long we wish. Note finally that the interaction of nuclear energy with the photon beam creates large-scale explosions. Therefore the extraterrestrials will take care to disable before the contact all nuclear warheads and all nuclear power reactors, etc.

3) In the question “what is the Hollow Earth”, the answer is: The Earth which is shown from the outside as a sphere of 8.000 miles diameter (1 mile = 1610 meters), is actually hollow as are all planets, which were created by spinning air masses of high temperatures, which were extracted from their suns and by gravity and centrifugal force created, when became colder, a solid crust with openings at the two poles of rotation, sa well as a large central ''sun'' which collected the heavier materials. The Earth's crust is thick with a crust 800 miles thick, having openings of about 800 miles at the two poles, and an inner surface (which is similar and a continuation of the outer surface) of a diameter of 6,400 miles. In the centre has a giant glowing crystal of diameter also 800 miles, which plays the role of the sun for its inhabitants, now amounting to about a billion people, having daily 24 hours day. The inner surface has all the characteristics of the outer, having mountains (higher than ours), seas (with ¾ land and ¼ sea), rivers, vegetation, animals (even those that have been disappeared over the last 13,000 years), etc, and the inner atmosphere has approximately twice the proportion of oxygen of the outer, while the gravity (the centre of which is at the mean surface of the crust, i.e. at 400 miles inside) is about the half. The inhabitants are the same as we are, (many little taller than as), and came either from the outer surface (such as from the Lemourians before they were destroyed), or from extraterrestrials who colonised long ago the Earth (inside and outside). The majority of these people, (which I recently visited in my astral travels, and therefore I can give information), live mainly in large “crystal cities” located within huge caves (in order not to destroy the beautiful nature of the inner surface), which communicate (between them and to the inner, but also to the outer surface) using tunnels, while other crystal cities and smaller settlements are located on the inner surface, surrounded by a very beautiful environment that remains verging ant rich of vegetation and life.

The people of the hollow Earth decided, thousands of years ago, to isolate themselves from the outer surface (where great wars and disasters were prevailing), in order to be able to develop themselves undisturbed. So they sealed with electromagnetic “dams” both poles (that open now only for the passing of spacecrafts, either their own and of the extraterrestrials that have a base there), as well as the portals of the tunnels to the outer surface. In terms of technology, development and culture are divided (as I can figure out) in two categories. The first refers to the “crystal” capital of Shamballah (which is almost “etheric” built inside a huge cave of diameter of 400 miles, below the capital of Tibet, Lhasa), and to other cities as is Katharia, beneath the Aegean Sea in Greece, that has the large library of Porthologos, containing in crystals the knowledge and events not only of the Earth but also of the entire galaxy (which can be holographicaly projected, as if you are in the events. It also includes settlements on the inner surface. This category consists of fully fifth-dimensional residents, (touching even the sixth dimension), who came millions of years ago from other constellations and settled in the hollow Earth, to avoid the wars that existed in the galaxy, and there to be developed undisturbed in the the high level that are today, where their civilization and technology is similar (perhaps even superior) to that described for Pleiadians (see my page II.2.D).

The second category refers to the other residents who live mainly in 120 “crystal” underground cities, (the most important of which is called Telos situated beneath Mount Shasta in California, created by residents who came from Laimouria before its destruction). These people are moving between the fourth and fifth dimension, and are also very evolved and fully conscious beings, while some of them are visiting us (with their fourth-dimensional form) and study us, but we can generally not distinguish them as different from us. We can call upon these people, who can communicate thru telepathy with us (especially with those of us who are aware and open to all that is happening, as are the ''light workers”), before we go to bed, to come in our sleep and give us valuable advices, which either we will remember when we will wake up, or the advices will be recorded in our subconscious to come when will be needed. Even during our meditation, we can offer to host in our home one of them, when (before 2012) they will come to help us in our transition to the fifth dimension, and then, if we want, we will be able to visit them in their crystal cities. The people of both these categories live thousands of years, to enable uninterrupted collection of experiences and become wiser, and die when they decide (after covering all the objectives of the this incarnation), to reincarnate elsewhere.

The Hollow Earth is already a member of the Galaxy Confederation and in Shambala there is a large base of the group of the 50 extraterrestrial star nations, which help us in our transition to the fifth dimension. In this base are their coordination centre of the operations, and the base of their spacecrafts and of their laboratories, which analyze and coordinate the physical evolution of the outer Erth (which is changing along with her inhabitants), while about one hundred million extraterrestrials are currently in their various bases in the hollow Earth, working to prepare Earth for this transition. Apart of those there are billions of others in their stellar fleet around the earth and the sun, because when they will land, to every person on Earth (who wants to enter the fifth dimension), will correspond one extraterrestrial adviser (mentor). Also millions of scientists and technicians will come, who will introduce and install on Earth their high technology. Details of the steps to be followed before and after the arrival of the extraterrestrials and during our full transition to the fifth dimension, and after that, as well as for our abilities and our way of living that we will have then, I intend to give in one of my next pages II.2.D8. Also I will soon describe in a separate page II.2.D7 details of the nature, environment, cities, culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the hollow Earth, for both the above categories, (who they consider us as brothers, love us, watch us and have a great interest about us), as well as for their valuable assistance to give us during our transition to the fifth dimension, and how to utilise this assistance. I note here that they have already built for our temporary stay with them, large cities with ''transformation champers'' where we will enter to complete successfully and quickly (within three days only, instead of tens of years), the “upgrading” of our DNA for our entry in the fifth dimension. Moreover they are also, along with the extraterrestrials, going to bring, install and train us to the use of their high technology, which among other things, will clean pollution and will protect us and neutralize any kind of natural destructive phenomena.

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